Sunday, September 30, 2007


I don't know whether or not you lived through the tidying process that recently occurred over at the Nuthouse? No? I truly do not believe that you know what you missed! I am not talking about "Spring Cleaning" oh no! I am referring in fact to a situation so full of angst that lesser women have been known to run, screaming from the the building when it was suggested ... yes readers, I am talking about that crime against education known as the teacher clear out!

Now, those of you illustrious readers who are indeed educators will know exactly what I am talking about when I say that teachers are pack-rats, hoarders and selfless collectors. And you will also know what I mean when I say that there are times in our lives when even we realise that we need to organise our resources and even get rid of a few things. You know he things I mean - the notes from your first education lecture, the picture you were given on your first teaching practice, your environmental geography end of year assignement.

Well it was just such a day last week for the redoutable Mrs Fizz. She organised resources, tidied up and was still left with a nagging, burning, problem. Lard*! A wooden T-Rex with no home, no centrally heated cave, no storage hole.

spread across the kitchen counter

She fiddled, she re-arranged.

Does it look any better from above?

And finally, without instructions and only one or two helpful text messages from your truly, she finally got him put together.

Lard on the kitchen counter

So, that's lovely isn't it? Just what Mrs Fizz always wanted - a wooden T-Rex. She started searching around madly for a home for him. There's a slight problem with a T-Rex though, he's an awkward shape to store ... so the search continued.

Then, 2 days later, Mrs Fizz (yep it's her again) threw out the metaphorical gauntlet and challenged the blogging world to solve a mathematical problem. Having done so for her, I innocently questionned if there was to be a reward for this service. And barely three days later a parcel was delivered, a big, brown, paper parcel.

An exciting looking parcel

This was not what I meant by reward prize Fizz!

She didn't!  She bloody did I tell you!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the paper. She couldn't find a home for it so she sent it to me?? I shall be taking revenge, this situation is going into my pocket for later; when she least expects it, when she has forgotten all about this I shall get her back! I shall! I have only 5 little words for you Fizzy "Be afraid, be very afraid!"

* "A T-Rex called Lard?" I hear you ask. Yes I asked too ... and apparently if you Google T-Rex without the hyphen you get a link to lard.


Lisa said...


That is SO funny! Fizzy really should know better though...surely she's aware that you are the one that is hell bent on getting even with others. If there's one blogger that will always give me a different perspective on how to sort out my kids/'s YOU. And it generally involves a mix of plotting and cunningness (I do love that btw lol)

I don't envy the lovely Fizzaloo for what you may have in your pocket in the future for her!

Fizzy said...

*runs Screaming from Blogdom*

Fizzy said...

Lisa save me!

Lisa said...

Serves you should be REALLY afraid...what goes around comes around sweetpea lol

Fizzy said...

I am going to pretend that there is chocolate in her pocket!

I am sure there is

Anonymous said...

Ha! No chocolate in my pocket just a little old bone or 2!


recoveryroad said...

Like the dinasaur.

Jellied smoked eel, anyone?


Fizzy said...

now you know where to send Lard!

Anonymous said...

I know Fizz .... so Kenny, you like the dinosaur? He could come and live with you, you know! I'm sure he'd like jellied eels :o) And Long Joe would love him!


Andy said...

Perhaps you should send him to unsuspecting bloggers to build him and they take and post a photo of them together before packing him up and sending on to the next place.

Lisa said...

*smacks Andy* Be quiet, we don't need any of those kinda suggestions! (lol)

Mind you, you could always just send him to me...seems whenever I try posting off something, it never gets to it's freakin' destination! That'd fix Lard now wouldn't it?? He could end up flying around in space with Barnaby somewhere lol