Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Funny old day

Yesterday Sunday was a funny old day start to the week. Phone call came from my slightly agitated eldest nephew, to say that the residential home where my Nana lives had phoned because they couldn't get hold of my parents on the phone. **NOTE TO DAD** Turn the telly volume down during the shooting bits of Westerns, somebody might be trying to phone you! It looks like Nana has taken a turn for the worse and they want my parents to come. So after calming Shawn slightly I rang Mum and Dad. They in turn packed, dashed out of the house and after delivering their already cooked Sunday roast to grateful started the long drive north towards Paris. No, there was no need for me to dash for Swansea, my mum would ring me to come down if she needed me :o( She's slightly improved as of yesterday - but I think we all need to remember how old she is!

Later in the afternoon after much thought I decided to ring the boss, to let her know I might need to dash off at absolutely no notice etc. Fine, no problems at all. And then the funny bit of the conversation started. Umm ... conversation about how I wasn't to be worried about conversations that she had had / was having with other members of the Leadership team who weren't pulling their weight / dealing with the stress as well as I am because she didn't need to have one of those conversations with me. Conversations? Me, dealing with stress well? Clear as mud then!

In other news, I'm in charge at school today. Yeh, me! Do they not have any idea what a fuck-up I am? Obviously not as they're leaving me in charge :o) Those of you out there who really know, DON'T TELL THEM!


Ms Mac said...

Your secret is safe with me! *does that nose touching thing and gives a wink*

Hope your Nana picks up soon, too.

Fizzy said...

Your secret is safe with me ........ at a price or bribe (that does not include a bloody dinosaur!!!)

little boy today (yr 1) came up to me saying something about some body being naughty as ..... locked inthe toilet!
Not having the foggiest what he was on about, I sent him to the regular TA.... she in turn did not understand him. Snet him away but on an errand to the secretary, mentioned to her that she could not understand what he was saying...
he was saying there were Hineybins in the toilet.

the head laughed, but intregured when to investigate....
he returned with a banana skin!

craziequeen said...

Your secret is safe with me - only if you meet babyduck's price.

And no, I don't want Lard either....