Saturday, October 27, 2007

A note from the schmuck

According to the wonderful Wiki, "Schmuck" from the Slovene word, šmok, meaning "a fool, an innocent, a gullible dolt."

As you possibly know, I write some of the questions over at that's my answer ~ your daily pitstop for questionable fun ... this morning for probably the millionth tenth time I had to email Indigo and ask her to reset my password! WTF? Why is it I can't remember one simple password for one website that I have to log-on to 3 mornings a week? I generally stay logged in - it's just easier that way. And then I realised it's not just a password on the odd website, I am forever having to ask the bank to reset PIN numbers ... you know that 3 tries and you're out system - get's me everytime! I had to ring SKY 4 times before it stuck in my head that the PIN for the card is the last 4 numbers ON the card and I could just look in the machine!
So maybe I'm just a schmuck where it comes to all things tech/password/PIN numbery - no hope really in this day and age is there?

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Fi said...

I have a birthday pin thing that I use and just swap the numbers round if necessary.

It's so frustrating to forget them though! Especially when your PC "remembers" your password etc for signing into things for months on end (and that means you forget it!)

Good luck with your PINning!