Monday, October 08, 2007

All work and no play makes Jo a sad, sad sack

So, over the weekend, I worked.

Actually, I forgot on Saturday I took 2 hours off and went to Bluewater with Ruth - I love you Bluewater - and then I came home and worked.

If you know anyone even considering a career in teaching who wants a life, weekends, holidays to themselves tell them, no order them not to do it! You know it's not that I don't love the job - I adore the job BUT there's no work-life balance and a certain someone isn't half giving me stick about it!

Right, better leave it because I have to go and shower ... I am off to work soon :o(

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Fizzy said...

NOW you tell me :P

.:mar said...

My mom is a retired teacher :P
Merci for your kind wishes on my bday :)
I survived!!! with a little help from my blog friends...