Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Food - fabulous food!

So on Monday off I pootered to Shisho's to make samosas. A start of my journey phone call had me dashing to the supermarket for icing sugar ... I was confused about why we would need icing sugar to make samosas but hey-ho!

It wasn't until I arrived at 9am that I finally realised what a huge job it was going to be - Harpreet and Shisho had been making dough since 8 o'clock. They'd gone through 12 lbs of flour and made three different types of dough, for 3 different projects.
After I filled them, Shisho sealed them and crimped them
Harpreet was rolling out the dough for the samosas, which I then cooked slightly on a roti pan (to stop them sticking together) ... quick fingers to take them off without getting singed. We then cut them into semi circles and covered them to stop them drying out. We cooked over 100 dough circles before we started a production line to fill them. Harpreet glued each semi-circle into a cone, I filled them with a spiced potato and pea* mixture and Shisho, sealed and crimped them. (Click here to see the photos).
It was all going swimmingly well and then my camera died :o( s
o, I cannot in fact prove that we made over 250 samosas, or that we cooked chick pea curry and prepared yogurt with tamarind to serve with the samosas at lunch time. Then in the afternoon we made spiced snacks - similar taste to the long thin spiced bits you get in Bombay Mix but a different shape and sweet little square of pastry that taste like yum-yums. There are notes on the photos over at Flickr and if you're ever in the neighbourhood - pop in, I have the spare skins in my freezer just for an occasion such as that :o)
* Potato, cumin, fried onion, peas, chili, garam masala - yum!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Drat! Now I've gone and dribbled all over my keyboard!
Yummy, yum-yum...

Fizzy said...


Anonymous said...

you know, i've never had these.

Indigo said...

One of my best friends is a chef and she made these for our wine club one night. While they weren't for me, they looked fantastic!

Too bad you only pretended to make them sine you cannot provide us with photographic proof. ;-)

Andy said...

They look (sound) great, I love Samosa, you should have made half with Keema, cant beat a bit of spicy Lamb :-)

Fi said...

Samosas and roti, mmmmmm.

Nice post Jo :)