Saturday, October 13, 2007

My week in 101 words or less

Left at 1.15, morning spent sterilising Duplo*. Headed north … 1 hour to drive 6 miles. Dartford Bridge and M1 closed – headed south. Traffic jams. Arrived hotel 8 o'clock. Hotel full, consultant hadn’t booked rooms. Me bed less. Him at pub. Thank you receptionist – new hotel. Large Merlot, risotto, bed. Friday, school visit. Head teacher = Hitler. “Look for a job elsewhere” if don’t make minimum 4 points**. Displays nice, lunch good, kids great. Puppet writing, drawing and IT. Lots of photos. Left for home at 2.30. Services - fizzy pigs. Motorway ok until M25. Jammed. Home late. Knackered. Pizza. Bed.

* Don’t ask why! You truly don’t want to know. Had to be done.
** Yes at least 4 points, 2 sub-levels. Even MLD/SLD/BESD Fi!