Tuesday, September 18, 2007

**UPDATE at 8.35am**
Oh fuck bastard shit wank joy! ... I've only gone and kicked the container containing the urine specimen I have to take to the hospital and have just spent the last 5 minutes washing my feet, the bathroom floor and the hall carpet. I find myself at the top of the down hill ski run with no sticks!


Had a lovely weekend - dinner with the girls in the family - sis-in-law, nieces etc - on Saturday night. I was on main course patrol and other than a minor accident with the dried chili flakes* my lamb and fig tagine** with herby lemon couscous didn't turn out too badly. The lamb fell apart in your mouth, everyone came back for seconds and Lizzie ate all her vegetables!

Sunday was lazy, I got home just after 1 o'clock, Ruth came over and did some prep for a lesson observation that she was having yesterday. Simon cooked dinner ... well warmed up leftover tagine*** with rice. So I didn't have to do anything, not even load the dishwasher. And I was asleep on the sofa by 9.30.

Yesterday started well enough, new little girl in school who came in so happily and quietly we couldn't even tell she was there. J kicked off again, spent yesterday screaming**** for his grandma, kicking and pinching anyone he could get his hands on - oh boy that was fun! And then when grandma and his little sister collected him at lunchtime, he dragged the toddler out of her push chair and made her walk home whilst he was pushed! What a kid. With any luck he wont come in today **crosses fingers, legs and eyes** and peace will reign.

Off to the hospital this morning to the "lumps and bumps" clinic - it was actually called that on the doctor's computer system - to look at a little bump that is aggravated when I wear my glasses - well at least it's making me wear my contact lenses! Hate hospitals, the smell is enough to make me sick. You know how it is ... and then into school. We have to make a decision today about J ... I think we're going to put him on a shortened day. Finishing at 10.00 for a week or so. Working into a longer day a bit at a time. Either that or my ear drums will disintegrate before the end of the week.

* Well, there didn't seem to be any point in keeping that tiny bit in the bottom of the jar ... 'cept that was obviously the really hot bit!
** Yep, of course you can have the recipe.
*** Even better the day after and yes you can still have the recipe ... I've sneaked it in here.
**** No tears involved, just temper that someone had the sheer bloody cheek to not do what he wanted.


Fizzy said...

Good luck at the lumps and bumps clinic.
How did the LO go?
Good luck with J!!! Remember last year when a similar child in my care stipped off naked everytime he did not get his own way???? What a mind boggling siutation to be in!. I think that a shortened morning si a very good idea. It will not only be good for him, but also you all too.
Have a good day

Ms Mac said...

Errrrr.... why do you need a urine sample when you're going to have lump checked on your face? Or do you wear glasses somewhere that the rest of us don't?

Or, have I missed something, like, really major?

mar said...

Is the little lump on your nose so that it hurts while wearing glasses??

Fizzy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA........ I am sorry but you know that it is funny
really you do

Andy said...

Urine in trouble now!

Sorry, I'll get mi coat.....