Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This week I will mostly be ...

Monday - day off, thankyou Bank Holiday organiser man
Tuesday - school starts, lunchtime meeting to update/re-write school self-evaluation form, parent's evening consultations until 6.15 ... best friend comes to dinner (bright point!)
Wednesday - school, playground duty before school, reflection duty (detention) at lunchtime, parent's evening consultation appointments until 5.50, Governing Body meeting until 8.30, home to die
Thursday - school, parent's consultation appointments until 7pm (?????) 7-bloody-pm ... don't give me the flaming "oh I don't get home from London until then" shite-sob story!
Friday - mobile farm visit for 132 3-5 year olds, meeting before the school's improvement partner (read as v important Education Authority big-wig) comes to "inspect" us next week, followed by 2 more parent consultation appointments **UPDATE** ... will try to squeeze in dinner out with spouse.
Saturday and Sunday - sleep and remain too tired to converse with darling very unhappy spouse who thought he was marrying someone who had a job that included short working days, long holidays, a huge salary and no stress.

Oh yes, go into teaching if you too are looking for that short working days+long holidays+huge salary+no stress combo - NOT!


Mar said...

Oh, my, you sound very busy!! I know about the teaching profession as my mom is a retired elementary school teacher...
Make sure you let me know when you are around :)

Fizzy said...

Shall I tell you what I am doing today?
Urmmmm no I won't
Make sure that you do sleep at the weekend!!!!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

My niece is a teacher....and while I admire her, I'd never make the cut. I don't have the patience or the dedication for it.

My weekend plans are the same as yours...except mine just consists of sleep...nothing else. ;)

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Where you went wrong was the kind of teaching. It was a university lectureship you should have gone after! ;-)

Fizzy said...

Dinner sounds good. DO not fall asleep during it!