Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday morning thoughts

Did I tell you that nephew #3 has been chosen to play rugby for his district? Feeling very proud. Scored 2 tries on Sunday too - Nanny and Grandad were there to cheer him on!
Where did all that wind yesterday come from?
NO STOP, wait, don't give me chapter and verse about air movement, the Coriolis effect, low pressure, high pressure, prevailing Atlantic winds - I know all that honest; I did a geography and environmental studies with education degree. It's just that yesterday - where did all that wind come from? It kept coming and didn't stop. I swear it lifted one of our 3 year olds off her feet.
What's with Mastermind contestants?
Do you think theres a question on the application form that goes a bit like this ... Are you odd? Yes ... please continue. No ... sorry, your application will be rejected.
Why did I have to go on that course yesterday?
Why couldn't the member of the Senior Leadership Team who was originally booked on it attend? Why did I have to give up my non-contact time? Being the junior person on any team sucks.
Happy Tuesday you.


Fizzy said...

well I did try to comment last night but I got a blogger error so I am going to see if it will work now.

Fizzy said...

Who's a good blogger!

Congatualtions to #2 Nephew. I will look out at future 6 nation games for him.

You definately got the short straw with the course!

As for the wind.... if it was not the Coriolis effect, was it the baked bean effect then?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congratulayions to your nephew! That's very exciting....

Do you feel that the Winds you are getting these days are more treacherous and Tornedo like than they used to be? I definitely feel that our winds here are scarily stronger when the happen....And I do not like it one bit!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey there, chica...long time, no see!

Congrats to the nephew...that's awesome. :)

I LOVE windy days (because here, it's usually warm...so a windy day is much appreciated!) :)