Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Battered and bruised

I was spoken to by 2 separate parents this morning about their children. Both of whom had been in accidents over the weekend and ended up with visible injuries ... a badly bruised chin & a battered nose. Both wanted to stress that the children had had accidents and it was nothing to do with them. Isn't that sad? That a parent has to stress that this was an accident, because otherwise I / one of my colleagues is going to believe that the child was hurt by the parent. But I do understand the reasons behind it. The failings in the system that allowed the death of Victoria Climbie should not be allowed to happen again ... but the parents who came to speak to me yesterday are not the ones I am concerned about.

But there is one! One who I speak to our Family Liasion Officer about every week. One who who drops her 3 year old on her own, cold, dirty and often unfed in the playground, instead of bringing her to our door. One who leaves her littlest tot (18 months old) alone in the car outside school to collect her three other children. She who is suing Social Services because they wont give her respite care away from her children. What other family gets respite care for their children if there are no major special needs involved?? God she makes my blood boil!!

I spoke to the little girl with the bruised chin *winces ... it's a corker* I'm so glad we're not doing school photos this side of Christmas!

Me ~ What happened Emily?

Emily ~ I fell off the window sill!

Me ~ But what were you doing on the window sill?

Emily ~ Flying!

Ok ... so what do you say to a 3 year old with imagination? I looked at mum and raised my eyebrows and we laughed. I'm going to put pillows on the floor under the windows in the nursery just in case :o)


Teena said...

Hi! I'm here via Blog Fodder!

Rainypete said...

It's a sad world when kids at play need an explanation. Unfortunately I know exactly what she's thinking. I worry what people think when my kids end up with a bruise on them.

I say the cushions are a good idea and what do you say to a three year old with an imagination?....It's okay to dream.

mar said...

A very delicate issue nowadays, such news just break my heart..

When Mr 18 was a toddler he would scream his lungs out (no, mommy, please don't!)when it came to washing his hair , although we used baby shampooo and tried to do it as gentle as we could... I honestly thought the police would come and knock at our door any minute...

Anonymous said...

phew I so agree with you. YOu know the big priblem I am dealing with at the moment regarding on of the children in my care! But there are loads that are sent to school with out the proper clothes, with hands that are red raw from the cold. It makes me mad, I spend ages raiding the lost property box trying to get them warm.