Wednesday, December 20, 2006

*well duh*

So, this morning I am doing a little school work ... working on some assessment data and figures etc. I have a Word document open on the PC and a big old calculator to work out percentages. So I know that 12% of the children in one year group are working at level 5. And I'm typing it into the box and it's not appearing!!

I hate technology!

And then *blushes* I realise that it's not appearing because I am typing on the calculator and not the PC keyboard! *blushes again* I'm going to go and do something else right now!

p.s. I have moved to the new version of Blogger *touches wood* so far, so good!


Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh at that...I thought you were going to say it wouldn't type in because the numbers lock wasn't on...but no, it was even better than that! lol

Like your switch of sidebar.

recoveryroad said...

Lol. You need a calculator/PC USBABCXYZ dongle interface to load the data via the interwebnet thingy. Or something.