Sunday, December 31, 2006

Homeward bound

"..... oh I wish I was, homeward bou ...." Wait I am home! What a journey ~ the channel's a bit dodgy tonight!! However, I have a stomach like a zoo-keeper's boot and I was fine :o)

Anyway, a lovely week away .... photos of stunning ice-bound French france and nice (but not stunning) shorter, new haircut to follow. Until then let me take this opportunity to say to you and yours ...

"Have a very Happy New Year
full to the brim with
good health, joy and happiness!"
Love & best wishes
~ Jo ~


Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad you are OK that weather sounds terrible
CAn;t wait to see the photos
Happy new Year to you two too


Lisa said...

Welcome home! And Happy New Year to you too! :)

We had a very quiet one this year, must've been the first for a while, but quite frankly, I'm pleased 2006 is over, what a hell of a year eh? lol

As for the channel crossing, I would've been barfing like crazy! lol

Fi said...

Happy New Year Jo!

Bring on 2007 :)