Monday, December 18, 2006

*singing* Frosty the snowman

Brrrr! First proper job frost of the winter. Everything looks crunchy outside and white! I think I'd like to stay right here, all warm and toastie-cosy BUT I have to go to school to get some work done so that I don't have to take any with me on Friday when I go to France.

I've just rung Ruth to ask what time I should pick her up. 2 1/2 year old Kristina answered the phone. We had a lovely chat and then I said ~ Is mummy there?

Kristina ~ Yes!

Me ~ Can I speak to her?

Kristina ~ Yes!

Me ~ Ok, see you later! Bye bye!

Kristina ~ Ok, see you later!

Kristina ~ It's Aunty Jo!

And nothing, nada, rien. She must have been telling Cinderella (on the TV) or her dolly that it was Aunty Jo ... because she certainly wasn't telling Mummy. The phone was put down on the sofa next to her! So next time I'll remember to say "will you go and give the phone to mummy please!"

Dinner yesterday in Walthamstow was lovely. Even the drive over there was no great problem, straight through Greenwich and into the hell that is the Blackwall tunnel ... thank God I don't have to do that everyday! And I don't half pity the poor sods who have to! And then up past Stratford, Clapton, Bow and the Hackney marshes (not necessarily in that order). Geoff cooked dinner ~ roast beef and all the trimmings .... delicious!

We shared Christmas presents and traded news, gossip and scandal! Simon's mum bought him a very natty dressing gown and I got 2 tickets to see the Lion King on stage in London in February ... no guesses as to who got the better deal on that one eh? Let me think dressing gown vs tickets; tickets vs dressing gown?

I spent yesterday morning before I left putting together some new Thursday 13 headers (see below or @ the Thursday 13 forum) before my version of Photoshop trial runs out. I'll be buying a full version but when finances allow because I am considering that a luxury right now .... so if you are a TT-er please feel free to help yourself! Right I'd better move, have a good one today ;o)

tt rocks resized

tt skin resized

tt bamburgh resized

tt canoeing resized

tt leaf resized


Gattina said...

Is it already snowing at your place ? We here in Belgium still have too low temperatures for that ! Fortunately, I hate snow ! Your logos for TT are beautiful ! Congratulations.

Le laquet said...

No Gattina no snow yet but very heavy frost .... feel free to use the headers if you'd like them!

mar said...

Oh, Kristina sounds just darling!
I don't particularly enjoy tunnels, and it feels very strange when they go underwater... They save time, though!!
Great TT headers!!
happy monday to you!

Anonymous said...

It is dank, foisty,foggy and soggy today! I can not get warm I ahve a cold and my son has his head in a bucket throwing up!!! must be the first day of my Christmas holidays!!!

BTW will there be ANY projects left when you do get a copy?

Laughing Muse said...

Those header graphics are really nice! Thanks for sharing!

Teena said...

Nice :)