Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blog Fodder #4

Blog Fodder continues to fight writer's block, one post at a time. This week's question was submitted by Shane, at Reflekshins.

What is the best practical joke you have ever participated in, or one that was done on you?
I'm not much of a practical joke person to be honest. I get one of my mother's favourite adages running through my head "it's not big and it's not funny!" Or that other favourite, "someone is going to get hurt, someone always does!"

However, I do remember the last week of school. The week before my final exams were due to begin. What should have been a critical week, asking those last minute important questions and checking on the final bits of study we needed to do. We had a geography teacher who was a little different from the others ... not particularly young* but he treated us like adults. Took us to lectures @ the local university, to the pub afterwards. So did we respond like young adults?

NO!! Don't be daft! On that last day ... I and another girl on the course distracted him "Umm, Sir, about the essay style you suggested last week. I'm not sure I really understand, could you go over it again?" Whilst we were doing this the 7 others on the course went out into the playground and found his car. Between them they bounced it across the school lawn, up the stairs and into the reception hall of the school. They hit the fire alarm and legged it. Of course this emptied the school ... mostly through the front entrance and there was his car for all the world (well all the school, including him and us) to see :o)

Bollocked? Of course they were! Was I bollocked? Still, to this day nobody** knows I was involved!!

*He'd been a marine and a London bobby for a couple of years before returning to Swansea to teach.
** By nobody I mean my mother!


Jenny Ryan said...

Too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

Very good, very good indeed. Never been a gret joker, but I have participated in the usual scout camp ones.
Xx Fizzy xX

Chrissie said...

No repercussions (sp)?
Mine's up but this was a hard one for me.

mar said...

That was funny although I hate practical jokes...

Zeus said...

Wow...I think I might have been too nervous to have done that to a professor of mine. I would have been worried of what the repurcussions would have been for such a joke! Bravo!

Teena said...

Ha! I'm not telling you where my car is parked :)

Mine's up too.

Claire said...

That's the best one I've read yet! Hilarious!!

Write From Karen said...

LOL! That would be me - the one doing the distracting and not the one actually doing the prank. That way I could use semantics to get out of the blame! hehe

Merry Christmas!