Monday, January 01, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #204

Better late than never .....


I say ... and you think ... ?

Resolution :: New Year
Happy :: New Year
Bubbly :: Champagne, Krug, non-vintage ... headache!
Kiss :: Miseltoe
Leather :: Fetish
Fancy :: Hugh Jackman, a good excuse for a photo, or two.

Pages :: Patricia Cornwell
Stupid :: Stupid is as stupid does.
Apologize :: Sorry
Secrets :: Yes, I know some and I'm keeping them that way!


Atyllah said...

Clearly you have lots of happy and tasty New Year on your mind!
Hope it's a great one!

Judy said...

Happy New Year.... hope you had a great trip!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

Resolution: nope
Happy: yup
Bubbly: with tangerine juice
Kiss: es with caramel, mmmmmm
Leather: jacket, it's a nickname for my daughter's boy toy
Fancy: eating table (beverly hillbillies)
Pages: blank
Stupid: underrated
Apologize: always
Secrets: deep and dark

Lisa said...

Resolution: failed again
Happy: and Blue
Bubbly: Bucks Fizz
Kiss: and tell
Leather: and lace
Fancy: pants
Pages: book
Stupid: Dunce
Apologise: again? sheesh
Secrets: who me? naaaah (lol)

Fizzy said...

Resolution: Images
Happy: chappy
Bubbly: Bucks Fizz
Kiss: and kiss some more
Fancy: dress
Pages: and bridemaids
Stupid: boy!
Apologise:does it have a 's' or a 'z' in it
Secrets: ghostly secrets

Andy said...

Yummy Hugh Jackman, isnt it funny how he can look so hot in some pics and then so totally not hot in others?