Sunday, January 14, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #206


I say ... and you think ... ?

Episode :: series
Source :: Perrier, bottled at source
Jerk :: pull
Introduce :: meet
Ralph ::
John Goodman, King Ralph
Stare ::
Paddington Bear
Cast :: film
Scenario :: what could happen
Flu :: ill
Mad :: The Mad Hatter


Incog & Nito said...

Nice mutterings.

Lisa said...

Episode: Grey's Anatomy
Source: informant
Jerk: yank (be proud of me for that one lol)
Introduce: new systems
Ralph: mouth
Stare: Deadly
Cast: broken leg
Scenario: events as they're played out
flu: sickness
Mad: Max

Good morning to you sweetpea :)

Le laquet said...

And good morning to you Miss L!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

jerk-steve martin
scenario-an explanation
flu-youngest daughter
mad-no i'm not, really, i'm just hurt and offended, there is a difference-oldest daughter

Atyllah said...

Episode: not enough or one too many
Source: of the Nile
Jerk: what an idiot
Introduce: a theme
Ralph: Fiennes
Stare: you down
Cast: a movie
Scenario: imaged vista
Flu: Argh
Mad: as a hatter

It's a bit telling, isn't it... Ooops.

Fizzy said...

Episode: another tantrum
Source: harvard system
Jerk: Havn't got a clue what Lisa is on about there!
Introduce: Ladies and Gentlemen I give you....
Ralph: throwing up
Stare: I was going to say Paddington too. I do it well
Cast: on the wool when starting to knitting
Scenario: Sorting out dinner time incidents... "well miss it was like this...."
flu: Chimney
Mad: cap

Fizzy said...

What about a good morning to me?

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Mrs F!

Sanni said...

I´m sorry for being so late this week – I´ve got a bad cold… so I´m muttering out of my bed =)
Your UM is great!