Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yesterday afternoon

B ~ Mrs Langthorne?

Me ~ Yes B?

B ~ I've got a cock!

Me ~ *thinking not saying* Oh my God!! What did she just say?? *panic evident in the eyes*

Me ~ Pardon B? I didn't hear you?

B ~ I've got a cock!

Me ~ *looks around madly at the Nursery nurse and TA* I hope I mis-heared that! What did she say?

Kelly ~ *starting to laugh at me* She said she's got a cough Mrs Langthorne!!


Jenny Ryan said...

Kids say the BEST stuff! :D

Barry Leiba said...

That reminds me of one of the many "guy in a diner" stories:

Guy (sorry; "bloke") goes into a diner. Waitress comes over, guy says, "Gimme a quickie, hon." Waitress slaps him silly and storms off. As he's getting off the floor and righting his chair, the guy at the next table says, "Hey Mac... it's pronounced 'keesh'."

Fizzy said...

That is really funny.
I had someone announce to the class today that Mrs F was blowing her nose on rather a posh tea towel .... I was using one of my Hubby's blue and white check hankie!

Indigo said...

That would have stopped me in my tracks too. LOL!