Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where were you when .........

I found this over at Dispatches from France and knowing how fond I am of a meme, particularly a stolen meme ... I stole it. But it was theft by invitation :o)

1) Where were you when Armstrong first walked on the Moon? Still a twinkle in my father's eye ... well not entirely true, more of a rather large bulge in my mother's tummy! She was in hospital waiting for me to appear. Eventually I arrived on August 14th I was 2 weeks late and she was suffering from dangerously high blood pressure. So I missed the moon walk but she saw it on the television as there was an Americna woman on the ward whose husband brought a telly in!
2) Where were you when you heard Princess Di had died?
It was a Sunday morning and I walked downstairs at about 8 o'clock, flicked on the kettle and went into the living room and turned on the TV and in that moment halfway between sleep and real wakefulness I couldn't work out what had happened. It was unreal. Martyn Lewis was making the announcements. I heard my mother coming downstairs, walked out of the living room to find her on the bottom stair and opened my mouth and couldn't speak. Nothing would come out. Total shock. I took her arm and pulled her into the living room. I remember crying ~ I thought Diana was wonderful. I had been an impressionable 10 year old during the royal courtship and had thought that this is what a real princess should be like. Had stood in the rain to wave to her as she drove through Wales after her wedding and had hated her husband for his betrayal of her.

3) Where were you on New Year’s Eve of 1999/2000? I was staying with Simon on the Isle of Man, it was my first visit there and it was cold, blustery and wet. Yet on the afternoon of the 31st the skies miraculously cleared and the sun was shining. At midnight we were sitting on the wall at the front of the house over-looking the beach watching a firework display above the water, drinking champagne cocktails! *sighs* The hangover lasted days :o(

4) Where were you on Sept.11, 2001? I was in school, sitting in the staff room at lunchtime. We were eating jam doughnuts (some body's birthday) and one of the guys I worked with had a phone call from his mother to say put the television on NOW!! The news programmes were talking about it being a devastating accident when the second plane hit. I think every one's life changed that day. And I mean every one ~ the whole world.

5) Where were you when you first heard about the big 2004 Tsunami? We were in France and suddenly the television screens were full of scenes of devastation and I remember thinking that an ex-boss of mine (who I am incredibly fond of) was there with her husband. The horror of the scenes that unfolded in front of our eyes was unbelievable and yet we were riveted to the screen that day. I watched the re-run of the Challenge Anneka ~ the Sri Lankan Challenge on Sunday evening ~ things are taking so long, too long to improve BUT the programme was wonderful.

6) Where were you when you first heard that Madonna would go on tour last year? Madonna went on tour last year? I didn't realise! I guess I was sitting here reading this. I'm sorry to say that I had more respect for Madonna when she was carousing ... I can't be doing with the whole macro-biotic, African child-adopting, children's literature writing, Kabbalah, squeaky clean version. Bring back the slut writhing in the church or with Jean Paul Gaultier tits!!


Ms Mac said...

All I ever wanted out of life was Madonna's hair in that Like a Prayer video.

I remember thinking when I went shopping after the Sept 11 thing that everyone was talking about it but that life still went on. I knew the enormity (politically) of what had happened but it seemed as though in the Grand Scheme of Things, it was just another piece of history. Does that make sense?

ps. I answered this on Frog with a Blog's comments!

Indigo said...

I was exactly 1 month old on the day that Armstrong walked on the moon.

I just saw The Queen last night, which is all about when Di died. I saw it on the news channel before I went to bed, and my husband told me about it in the morning when he came home from delivering about 300 newspapers.

I was at work when the twin towers fell. I saw them fall live on tv.