Friday, January 05, 2007

*grabs for a tissue*

I turned on the car radio on the way to school yesterday morning and Fire and Rain was playing. Such beautiful words, they always make me cry . I know it's an oldie but its beauty truly is timeless and you've just got to I just love James Taylor.


Atyllah said...

You really are working on the old emotions today, aren't you?

Arahlek said...

Fire and Rain is my all time favourite, I play it all the time in the car on my way home from a good night out... beautiful.

Arahlek said...

think i'll put this clip up on my blog too... it's made my day!

rashbre said...

I was in New York a couple of weeks ago at a concert during which a tall, thin guy walked onto the stage and started playing a small acoustic guitar.

He sounded just like James Taylor and when I checked his name 'Ben Taylor' it turned out he is James Taylor's and Carly Simon's son.

You may already know this and have heard him, but to me it was quite a surprise! more here

Lisa said...

I LOVE James Taylor! I'm waiting for the sunny days that seem to never end at the moment lol

Beautiful song Jo :)