Sunday, January 07, 2007

eww! Sticky

Question / Plea for help

Does anyone out-there in blogdom / the blogosphere / on t'Internet know if there is a special way to create a sticky post i.e. a post that stays at the top of the blog and doesn't disappear when you post new posts? Other than the obvious and far-from-techie* method of putting a date on the sticky post 10 years ahead :o)

* Not that I want to be close-to-techie well not unless me as close-to-techie suddenly resembles Ashley Judd


Fizzy said...

What about typing it, saving it as a picture and putting into the header like you do with your wonderful scrap booking

Fi said...

Or, you could insert it like a heading before your title posts.

Do you know anything about CSS...?

Moogie said...

Type out the post but change the date to something in the 2008 or something. :)

mar said...

Go to your template. It works for mine if I place TEXT like you see it below:

< -- Begin #content -->

< --Begin #main -->

(Blogger) actually blogger is in between < > but the system won't let me write a comment like that...
Good luck!!