Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm always glad to see a Friday ....

But this week I don't seem to have achieved much of anything at all! I've chased my tail. Juggled, but not really completed any paperwork. Lost some really important paperwork! *shit bugger bum arse* Filled in an incident form for a lunchtime supervisor who had been assaulted by an eleven year old! Yes, an 11 year old!! Taken complaint after complaint about IT in school. It's been bleugh but it's the weekend so HURRAH!!

My dad has been in hospital since Monday when he had another angioplasty, this time to clear his femoral artery. They had to remove a piece that was diseased but have unblocked the rest of it so DOUBLE HURRAH!! His French cardiologist has told my mother that having had all this work done on his arteries means they will be good for 20 years, so TRIPLE HURRAH!!! It will also apparently leave quite a jaunty little scar; he's decided to tell everyone that it's his war wound!

On Monday I came home from school with a headache that started somewhere around mid-shoulder and carried on all the way up to the top of my head ~ probably worried about my dad, you know subconsciously thinking about him throughout the day. The French medical system has so far been worth it's weight in gold. Far more efficient than the NHS in the UK and not as expensive or as un-navigable as my parents had been warned BUT this was still my 70 year old dad going in for an op and he just doesn't do hospitals! Ok now though as today he has been told to get up and about and move and excercise it, so they are obviously pleased with his progress. And, he can come home on Monday!! Another HURRAH for that I think!

Sorry about the topsy-turvy post, have a great Friday night everyone ... I'll leave you with a song to get you in the mood *dances off to make dinner*


Fizzy said...

I am so glad that your Dad is going to be OK. I am sure that this will have been a contributing factor to your headache.
Thank goodness for the weekend

Lisa said...

So pleased to hear Dad's doing ok and he's going to be in better shape than before, great news! As Fizz mentioned, it's bound to have contributed to your headache, all that worry added to the stress of the week?..we're all happy to see your head hasn't exploded with it all :D

I like this song, it definitely makes you want to move about (clumsily or otherwise lol)...needs to be played at full volume. How can they sing the words "I don't feel like dancing" along to a beat that practically screams "DANCE EVERYONE, DANCE!!" lol

mrsnesbitt said...

Pleased to hear you Dad is oK!


Fizzy said...

How are you feeling this morning?