Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The text messages flew thick and fast yesterday morning. One after the other ... 1 child asked why my handbag was singing to be thoroughly dissed by another "what's wrong wid you? It's a text ain't it!"* Yes it was going home day! And he couldn't wait! :o) The first text at about 10.50 read

Nearly there, escape tunnel has been digged**, evasion practice completed just waiting for getaway vehicle and insane driver.
Mum'll be glad to be called that! But he wasn't going to get out that early .... there was a visit from the cardiologist and follow-up visits with doctors to arrange and then I believe that they must have released his room mate first because about an hour later I got

All I need is a baseball and a catcher's mitt
... solitary obviously wasn't suiting him at all! But get out he eventually did and I spoke to mum last night. He had been horrified at breakfast time by the antics of his room mate! My dad is a big coffee drinker ... 2 cups of strong (espresso strength) coffee needed in the mornings, more throughout the day. Well in hospital he's been allowed just 1 cup of weak coffee in the mornings. I think this is the bit of going into hospital he hates the most! So yesterday when they came around with breakfast his room mate had turned his nose up at the crackers and coffee ... wait for it ... opened a box at the side of his bed and taken out a baguette, some thick slices of saucisson, some butter *** and made a sandwich. Then the true sacrilege! He took his bowl of coffee to the sink and poured it away. Going back to the box he re-filled the bowl with what dad thought was the last of a bottle of Vimto that he had been drinking from all week ~ turns out it's good Cahors red!

Anyway ... he's home now and by this time of the morning he's probably onto cup number 2! So, "glad you're out Daddy ... don't drive Mum completely mad this week please, she's had a couple of days off and will need to get used to the Irish dancing again!"

* God save me from Estuary English!
** He can talk proper like what I does but he chooses not to.
*** Please remember that they were both in there to have angioplasty to clear clogged arteries!


Ms Mac said...

Hurrah, thank God he's on his way home.

I can't think of anything worser than hospital coffee. Blechhh!

scribbit said...

I know this will give me the image of being a cavewoman, but I've never "got" texting. Why not just leave a voice mail? All that thumb action seems annoying. Soon we'll be a society with enlarged thumbs all due to text messaging! :)

Fizzy said...

I am glad that he is home now. Why the base ball and Mitt?

Do you teach Ali G then?

Atyllah said...

They say a LITTLE bit of what you like is good for you ;-)

May your dad go from strength to strength.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

well it sounds like it went well, now he just needs to recover and develop some good habits! good luck to your mum.