Thursday, January 04, 2007

tt Christmas whimsy resized
Thirteen of the things I have done over the last 2 weeks.
  1. Driven (well the majority was done by Simon) over 1200 miles. Mostly a week last Friday and last Sunday.
  2. Put up Christmas decorations, talk about last minute rush!
  3. Shivered whilst walking in the fog, taking pictures of the hoarfrost.
  4. Watched Simon cut wood and then fed the fire with logs.
  5. Opened Christmas presents ~ es bueno para mí ~ mine included a Spanish language course, some coffee-caramel candles and the new Take That album.
  6. Cooked a fabulous Christmas dinner for 5 ... our German guest said "I didn't know that british food could taste like this! it's wonderful!" See! Why does everyone always think that British food is awful? The bread sauce was particularly good ... but I'm waiting for the duck's technical support's recipe which sounds divine!
  7. Had a hair cut!
  8. Applauded (male ego-stroking) and provided hot tea whilst Simon and Dad built a pergola / car port.
  9. Laughed until I cried over the Vicar of Dibley and my mother and the tomato sauce bottle fiasco!! You had to be there but suffice to say her curiosity nearly landed her with an eyeful of ketchup.
  10. Cooked New Year's eve's eve dinner for 6. They were British and they know how good British food is!
  11. Came home and *smiles fondly* loved my broadband connection ~ *gets quite emotional* thank you Blueyonder ... you allowed me to download/upload my holiday photos. You can find them here! Yes it really was that cold ... and then it got a lot warmer :o) BTW, the road sign pictures are for a French language display in school.
  12. Spring cleaned the kitchen ... I know it's not really spring BUT it needed doing. The dining room is next on my hit list.
  13. Went back to work ~ yesterday for an hour or two, today *boo, hiss, sob* for good!


Jane said...

The holidays are such a busy time! It's great stuff though. I to am a teacher back at work this week!

Laughing Muse said...

There's nothing like spending the holidays with family. (Thank goodness.)

I'm so glad to hear you guys had a good time in France with your in-laws - and that you got back safely!!

scribbit said...

Yea, I'm thinking "spring"? did I miss something? But it's always good to get in there and clean and purge.

JohnH985 said...

I didn't drive that many miles but I did drive about eight hundred in the last week and that was more than enough for me. As much as I enjoyed visiting my family I was so glad to be back home finally.

Laura said...

what amazing photos!
thanks for sharing.
thank you for visitin my tt too and for the book recommendation. i will check it out.

Raggedy said...

You were very busy and productive ^5 for all you accomplished.
Great List!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Sanni said...

YAY! Great list - #8 puts a huge smile on my face =)

Happy New Year from Germany,


P.S.: Please visit my TT - Thanks a lot =)

Fizzy said...

ooops sorry will get to the recipe.
the pictures are fab, have you thought about using them for next year's make your own xmas cards? -scrapbooking included
How is today going?

Christie said...

sounds like you had a great holiday! the pictures were beautiful!

Caryle said...

I'm doing most of my commenting after I get home today, but I wanted to stop by here while it was still Thursday where you live. :)

I'm looking forward to testing the British food in person this year. :) I'll let you know what I think. And your pictures were beautiful!

Sorry LJ ate your socks post!

Debby said...

Sounds like you've been really busy! Very Beautiful photos by the way. Happy Thursday and thanks for visiting!

Lisa said...

I will admit I have been told and was under the impression that English food was um boring/tasteless (sorry to say that out loud on here)...I think that with your French 'background' anything you threw together would be wonderful. And anyway, I wouldn't care what I ate long as I was in England at some stage! lol

Beautiful photos, just what I needed to cool me down, cos it's very hot today, just sayin'.

Leilani said...

Happy New Year Jo. I always get a jolt of energy reading your posts. I hope this will be another great year for you!

my 2 cents said...

Good luck on your Spanish language studies! I am working on learning more Spanish vocabulary this year, too! Also beginning to work on French.

Thanks for stopping by earlier!!

suburbanmum said...

Wow, you were busy! And thanks for visiting my TT.

rashbre said...

The ketchup incident sounds most intruguing and is surely worth a post with a diagram?

Happy New Year.


Carmen said...

you've been quite busy! Take a minute to nap. :)

Justice Fergie said...

sounds like you had a fun and busy holiday season!

happy new year and thanks for visiting :)

Amy said...

Most of the British food I've had is pretty good--though the names of some could use a bit of work. You can keep the steak and kidney pie, however. I didn't much care for it.

My favorite (or should it be favourite?) is Cornish pasties. My great grandmother was from Cornwall and...well...YUM!

Thanks for visiting and happy T13!

Incog & Nito said...

A belated T13 comment - you had a great two weeks by the sound of it, busy but loads of fun!!

MarillaAnne said...

Well It all sounded perfectly wonderful ... right up to #13.

Very funny about the British food, I've been drooling to have some of Kit's food. She writes

Well I'm late on cruising the Thursday 13's ... but fyi mine is about my web wanderings ... two ops for generosity and lots of fun.


Tizzie said...

I too have been 'spring cleaning'....mainly because my boy's back at school and not trying to 'HELP'!!!!

Great list, and I stopped by your profile....hello to another David Eddings fan....I have every book he's written and read them all at least once a year!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy TT!

urbanmum said...

I know what you mean about British food, I get people who say that all the time. I'll try anything once but I must say I prefer a good British meal over anything.
Thanks for coming by my list as well. Cheers!