Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friends for dinner

... and unfortunately Jamie's not coming to cook for us and neither is that flirty-girty Raymond either. Nevermind, something simple and not too different for the oh-so fussy but lovely Steve and Ella ~ Toad-in-the-hole** with roasted onion gravy served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots. Straight to Aunty Delia for that recipe* ~ yummy for a Sunday!

But, why is it that when you want a recipe for something simple like Golden Syrup sponge pudding ... the one you bake in the oven (like my mum used to make) not the one that Delia tells you that you have to steam for 2 hours ... you can't find one anywhere? So it's Eve's Pudding without the apples but with Golden Syrup instead. But if Stephen wasn't so fussy it could have been Bill's banana butterscotch pudding instead!! That really is a recipe made in Heaven!

* frequently passed off as my own!
** guess what today's photo is going to be?!?


recoveryroad said...

If you ever have Nigella Lawson round cooking for you, I am available as a kitchen slave.


mar said...

We watch Jamie on saturdays thanks to a German channel :)
I am very hungry all of a sudden!

Magpie said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog, and for finding a link with a "Plant a potato..." reference! I'd tried and came up blank!

Fizzy said...

thatbutterscotch/banana pudding was featured on Rachel's kitchen on Saturday morning. It look yummy scrummy. Pity I can not stand bananas!

Fi said...

Oooh, Golden Syrup Pudding!

I was a GS addict as a kid. My fav? Golden Syrup and Whipped Cream on fresh white bread. Oh yeah.

And (doing the all-in-one-comment here, as dialup is at snail's pace tonight) that is such awesome news about your Dad, Jo! :)

Atyllah said...

Damn! And now there's slobber all over my keyboard - it was that Bill's banana thingummy wot done it.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

what on earth do you eat over there? the only thing i ever use golden syrup for are sweet marie bars. did you not have any luck googling that recipe?