Thursday, January 25, 2007

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Thirteen things this Thursday morning is a list of websites I visit almost everyday!
    1. The BBC
    2. Question of the Day ~ legal nosiness!
    3. Google ~ personalised my end with the added addition of backgammon and googley eyes
    4. Radio 2 ~ catch up on the shows I miss
    5. Indigo's Daily trivia Game ~ except *gnash gnash* somedays I forget to go. And somedays I screw up the answers. But 10/10 today :o)
    6. RM ~ Our network was provided and is looked after by them.
    7. The Met Office ~ just in case of bad weather.
    8. Gmail ~ Never delete another email if you don't want to ~ do you want an invite? I have lots!
    9. Apple Film Trailers ~ I know I'm strange, but I love trailers.
    10. Hallmark e-cards ~ any excuse!
    11. Yahoo Backgammon ~ fancy a game?
    12. Flickr
    13. And this is of course where I cheat ~ my blogroll, which includes the duckster, a Kiwi or two, la Bella Stella and a somewhat mad Baggage to name but a few.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i've never even heard of the majority of these!
i did the movie trivia today, but i missed one, grrrrr, took a guess. i've never even heard of mars attack?

Kelvin Watson said...

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Indigo said...

Love the spam from Kelvin .... but he did sign in to play the 13, wonder what his 13 will be? ;-)

What in the heck is the BBCQOTD? I'll have to check that out, love having Gmail, love backgammon too. I once played with someone online and we only had certain phrases we could pick from to communicate with each other (i.e. Your turn, good move, be back later) and I was TOTALLY WINNING but it was the other players turn, but he thought it was MY turn. ARGH!!!! I had to leave the game because he kept saying 'your turn', and I kept saying 'your turn'. LOL!

Fizzy said...

I will have an invite to Gmail and have a shufty at it!

now why is your blog roll last!

I am bloody Freezing....has your snow gone yet?

Jeannine said...

I bet your list is a lot longer! :-)
Happy TT.

Lisa said...

I also want to know why your blogroll is mentioned last...although I did wonder whether Fizz was complaining about that, and if she was, I reckon she has no right to be considering she was mentioned FIRST on the last number. Which is kinda cool. Does that make sense? Well it does in my head anyway lol

amy said...

I love those! Have you tried the quizzes at Sploofus> those are fun..they have quizzes on anything you can think of..great list..thanks

Jennifer said...

nice list idea, I have trouble every week coming up with an interesting list..yours was good.

thanks for stopping by my TT and commenting, it's nice to know who was by!

Jenny in Ca
(southern,with no snow...)