Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

A list of Thirteen Twelve Spanish phrases and an explanation I have learnt / am practicing this week.
  1. So for Christmas I received the Michel Thomas Spanish CDs from Simon. I had dropped hints that I wanted them but I also dropped hints about an iPod Nano and diamonds too and he unfortunately didn't pick up on those hints! All of the language CDs (Simon listens to the French ones on his iPod .... yes that's right he has an iPod) work in the same way ... Mr Thomas (who charges £18,000* for private instruction ... I'll stick with the CDs) links Spanish to English and you repeat and repeat the phrases over and over again ... so simple that even I am managing, are you ready for this?
  2. Es posible para mí ~ It is possible for me. I'm stressing the ible in posible as instructed by my mate Michel
  3. No es posible para mí ~ It is not possible for me
  4. ¿Es aceptable para usted? ~ Is it acceptable for you?
  5. No es diferente ~ It is not different.
  6. No es muy diferente ~ It is not very different
  7. Pero es muy impotante para mí ~ But it is very important for me
  8. Lo quiero ~ I want it!
  9. Lo tengo ~ I have it!
  10. No lo tengo ~ I don't have it
  11. Lo necesito ahora ~ I need it now
  12. Lo quiero pero no lo necesito ahora ~ I want it but I don't need it now
  13. Lo necesito ahora es muy urgente ~ I need it now it's very urgent. So I am practicing every morning whilst blogging ... that might help to explain my spelling over the next couple of weeks :o)

*That's NZ$50,551 Lisa!! But only US$30,000 ~ because you don't have to pay for his suite @ the Mayfair Intercontinental. Wait ... it says here that you get to pay for that and his airfare on top of the course fees! Yeh it's the CDs for me :o(


Lisa said...

Uh yeah...I'd be going for the CD myself. Course once I win the lottery I will go directly TO France and not pay $200 (or $50,000+ as the case may be!)

Simon's got an iPod and he ignored your request for Christmas?? Hope you fry the chip in his somehow lol

Fi said...

So are you finding Spanish easier than French to learn?

I got two phrases down pat. Two coffees please and two beer please.

Oh, and I can count to ten.

Such a linguist.

Lisa said...

Good gravy, that's a lot of money to learn a new language. I think I'll just buy the CDs and listen to them in my car on the way to work.

desert rat said...

My dad and I taught ourselves a bit of Spanish before travelling to Costa Rica when I was a teen; we bought an inexpensive phrase book and went from there; CD's probably would have helped our pronunciation!

my 2 cents said...

That's great you're studying Spanish! I am trying to improve my Spanish, and also trying to learn a little basic French. I have a Word of The Day post on my blog each day, with one Spanish word and one French word.

{Karla} said...

I can't believe that guys fees! For that price he might as well just go ahead and follow you around and speak for you too...

Happy T13



Great list. At least I've learned something too.
Mine is up too.

mar said...

Sorry about the double entry...
Never heard of Michael Thomas but maybe because my budget couldn't afford such an instruction!
Hey, I am very proud of you - Estoy orgullosa de ti
Now I should get busy and polish my French (and English!)
Necesito otro café!
Feliz jueves!

~ stacy ~ said...

Spanish is a fun language to learn. I took two years of it in high school. Our teacher taught us a few words that he probably shouldn't have, though...

béseme - Kiss me

Le deseo - I want you

Deseo su cuerpo - I want your body

What a baaaaaad teacher.


Happy Thursday to you! Thanks for stopping by.

Laura said...

thanks for the refresher. my 13 y/o daughter just started her spanish class.
my tt is up.

Raggedy said...

Great list!
Thank you for the lesson.
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

Ms Mac said...

Hola! Uno agua con gas con lima, por favor...

That's what I learned in Majorca in 1989.

Nadiah Alwi said...

Lo quiero mucho


Gattina said...

Congratulations, very nice ! For me spanish is easy to read (I don't speak any) because of Italian and French. There are so many similar words.

Caylynn said...

Very cool! Good luck with your Spanish. I don't speak any Spanish myself, but I speak English, French and German. Learning new languages in fun. :)

Happy T13. :)

scooper said...

I took 2 years of Spanish in college and I love knowing what people are saying when they think I have no clue.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

maybe if you had left those other hints in spanish?
i don't know any spanish at all, but i think the beer and coffee ones are a good choice to learn first.

Christie said...

ooh, language cd's on the ipod! what a great idea! looks like you're working on the perfect phrases for christmas next year!!! haha! happy tt!

Rene said...

You need to know "Donde esta el bano?" Where is the bathroom? and "Mas cervasas, por favor." More beer please.

That's a lot dinero for Espanol lessons. Buena Suerte with the discs.

Judy said...

Congratulations on studying Spanish. The CDs sound like a great idea... I'll have to look them up. Bob and I have been talking about learning Spanish (I took Spanish in high school and lived in Brazil for a while... Portuguese, but still close). We have a lot of Spanish-speakers around and it would be good to be able to communicate with them more than the basics I'm able to scratch by on.

Fizzy said...

I taught my first french lesson... what can I charge? I will let you pay my mortgage for me!

Fizzy said...

oooo just read Lisa's advice about the i-pod situation.... ever tried the washing machine?

Chelle Y. said...

I never did well with Spanish phrases. I cannot roll my "R's" :)

JohnH985 said...

I always wished I could speak another langauage.

My 13 are up.

Buttercup said...

Wow, I remember some Spanish! Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

me no hablo

Thanks for visitin' me earlier!


myrtillo1984 said...

LOL, LOL, LOL...I haven't been by in a while...and I love this post! You have chosen some wonderfully interesting and very needed phrases to learn...! Excellent!
I didn't realize that Michel Thomas was still alive and still teaching--that is an incrdibly HIGH amonut of money for his "Private"

Pam said...

Hey great TT! I need to start working on my Spanish as I am going on a mission trip in July. Great idea for a way to practice! Sorry you didn't get your Ipod or Diamonds ! Thanks for stopping by my TT and thanks for the great Header! I put a credit in the TT for you. I had just forget earlier.