Friday, March 09, 2007

Blog Fodder #13

Ok this week's question comes from Carmi at Written Inc and is very important to Moogie (who's got small children) and the rest of us who have large, loud husbands!
Where do you go to be alone?

Gosh ... there are lots of places. When I am home I go to the park just down the road which is right on the estuary. There's a bench right out on the end of the causeway with views out onto the Thames. It's full of sea-birds, yachts and not much else it's a grea place to sit and think. In the summer it can be full of parents and children making the most of the open spaces and the views. But in the winter there's just me and a couple of twitchers.

When I am in France there's a bench (I see a bench pattern starting) in the garden. It's under a tree and when it's hot there's enough shade to make it restful. I can relax and think and listen to the birdsong, the cicadas or the frogs in the pond up the road. It looks towards the house and it's not too far for my favourite drinks waiter to walk with a long G&T at sundown.


Di said...

Going off to be alone in Europe sounds so much more glamorous than mine...go into my room and try to be really quiet so the kids forget I'm here. When really desperate for alone time, lock the door!

Indigo said...

I have to ask, are you english or are you french???

That tree is gorgeous!

Gattina said...

Today I have time to go through all blogs I had bookmarked during my blogging career, lol and so I dropped on your blog.
Since I am not working anymore,I have almost nothing to do in my household, no children to take care of and a carefree husband, I really have time for blogging. For being alone it's easy for me since I made up an own room for me, with 2 rocking chairs a little table, my bed and some cats out of my cat collection and 3 of my 4 cats keeping me company.
What are you doing when it rains ? you can't sit out on your favourite bank ! and stay where you are Kent is a lovely place ! France is nice for holidays but not really for living there.

Atyllah said...

There is something about benches that evoke a sense of stillness and solitude. Strange, isn't it.

Love the image.

mar said...

I am home alone a lot during weekdays, I enjoy the quiet house and the non-human visitors: cats, squirrels, birds...

craziequeen said...

Ah........BENCHES!! :-)


Fi said...

Nice post Jo :)

Our bedroom, in Mondays evenings, when Premiership Football is on Sky Sports One ;)

Or this very office. Nobody tends to bother me too long when I'm engrossed in front of my luverly PC.

Rob said...

I can't sit on benches for very long since I don't really have any meat on my butt at all. I get uncomfortable very quickly!

Like the shot of the tree - looks great. Mine is up too. I'm just a little concerned about when I got a husband (re your opening comment).