Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blogging lost

I have found it so hard to find time for blogging over the last few weeks ... between school and life there's been no room for anything else and the blogging has got lost in the middle. I checked the little doobery-whatsit on the side of my page that says how many posts I have posted in March and it says 10! 10? Good grief. That's pathetic. I haven't even really had a chance to visit other sites. i.e. You! I've been a pathetic blogger and a really lax commenter*.

I have been busy though ~ I've done a huge amount of work on the school website, had lesson observations, dealt with hospital appointments that have to be re-done because the scanner wasn't calibrated properly, had parents to stay, had Simon's sister an niece over for dinner and suffered the hangover from hell for my sins ... have you seen the pictures of what happens when 8 bottles of wine, a kilo of houmous and lots of olives mix. And the shame of it all is that they're nice people (Simon included) when they're sober! I just know I'm going to get it for that comment! And yes that is kick-boxing that they're doing.

And the weather ... the last week was beautiful, we had gorgeous summery weather, we (me and the children) sat out in the sunshine and chatted, ate our snacks, played, turned slightly pink. It's been glorious and yet now the Met Office is predicting heavy snow for tomorrow!! Talk about all back to front. Right ... kettle's boiled. Tea anyone?

*Except where it comes to Fizzy's c-box which is just too easy to hijack. And bizarrely wont let you write snigger.


Fizzy said...

AHHHHHHHHHH I have hijacked!
Help me
I was expecting lots of comments about the rugby game yesterday.

I don't see anything with that picture. Kick boxing is highly acceptable at a wine drinking, houmous and olive eating bash. Now if it were at a whiskey drinking and chocolate snaffling occasion then I would be flat on my back!

I have a whole heap of work to do today and strangley a lof of it is colouring in!

Don't forget you did the book meme so that was an extra post

OK waffled enough now, off to pinch/steal/nick pencil crayons from the HGS

craziequeen said...

Ah, utterly charming photographic memory of the evening.... :-)

Of course, the 'hanging over the sink' is a dead giveaway.

Off to get the clothes out of the tumble dryer......


Fi said...

Oooh, hangover from hell? I feel your pain my friend! Hope it didn't linger too long.

I hearby officially nominate March as Suckyblogging Month, having posted two miserable posts in the last seven days. *Smack on hand*

PS Previous post - have you read all The Tales of the City books? I've got them all :)

Anonymous said...

i kind of took the week off last week, march break here for my kids, a week of a whole lot of nothing, nice for a change!

Indigo said...

8 bottles of wine??? Oh my gosh, 8????

I hear you on no time for blogging. I've had the same problem.