Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good morning

It's Wednesday and I suddenly realised I haven't posted since Sunday ... doesn't time fly when you're having fun supervising 2 teacher training students who should have never been allowed on the education degree course.

The 2 students (from now on to be referred to as Mopey and Dopey) are crap! With a capital Cr! That's CRAP! Yesterday Mopey asked me for some paperwork and I said "no problem, do you want it to photocopy now or in the morning?" And she replied "what do you mean?" I heard a strange noise behind me and whipped around to see my nursery nurse sniggering in the corner.

20 minutes later a child said to Dopey, who was sitting with 2 or 3 children at the PC ... "I don't like this program, can you change it over?" And she turned and said "well I don't know how to change it, you'll just have to play that." And then turned her back on the child! WTF!!!! I got-up, went over, changed the program and through gritted teeth suggested that the next time a 3 year old asked her for some help she helped!

Jo (the other teacher) is going to give them "what for" this morning ... she's much better at that than me (who in theory is in charge)! They begin teaching on Thursday ... pray for us :o)


Fizzy said...

LOL...there must be something wrong with the cosmic forces this week...... Gee

*remember that text about The skirt? well guess who got playground duty!

I am rambling.... it is nerves... I guess I must either ramble or go and clean my Kitchen!!!!!

Good luck tomorrow ......

bigbikerbob said...

Hi, I only hope Mopey and Dopey do not get someone to read this post to them OOPS!!!,I hope all goes well for you (and them) in future. Bob

Anonymous said...

deep breaths!!!

Fi said...

There's one in every village, in this case two.

Praying hard for you Jo!