Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Fodder #14

Ok this week's question comes from the lovely Mar over at maremagnum and as questions go all of you out there just know that it is perfect for me!
Give an example of a meal that makes you happy.
Ah food! We all have our "drug of choice", our memory maker, the thing we turn to whether happy or sad. Some people eat to live ... I on the other hand, live to eat. Not always epicurian delights, I love peasant food too. Whilst I love pan fried foie gras, I wouldn't want to eat it every day (my arteries wouldn't want me to either) and a bowl of homemade minestrone full of fresh vegetables and a little pasta ~ delicious too!
I do remember those special meals in my life ... times when I was very happy and the food added to the atmosphere and times when the act of eating itself filled me with pleasure. I love big flavours ~ garlic, lemon, herbs and spices. I adore the food of the Mediterranean for that reason. Greek dolmades and flat bread with tzatziki whilst sitting on the harbour edge in Skiathos ... the sun was beating down and the warmth was settling into my bones. And then the waiter brought out a platter of freshly grilled sardines with chunks of lemon! Not "posh" food but very happy indeed.
Last year Simon and I spent the May half-term holiday (please feel sorry for him as he has to organise his holidays around my teaching life) in the Basque town of St Jean-de-Luz.Wes pent the days exploring ~ beaches, mountains, coastal walkways and the evenings strolling quietly through the old town of St Jean finding tapas (called pinchos, often spelled pintxos in the Basque region) bars and small restaurants serving simple platters of snacks, fish and seafood. Jamon Serrano, manchego cheese with quince jam, stuffed mussels, deep fried squid, cod fish cakes with spicy tomato sauce, olives and tortilla. Long warm evenings talking, walking, laughing, eating food that truly made me happy.


mar said...

Ahhh, pintxos are great!!! It's about lunch time now so I am very hungry :)

craziequeen said...

This sounds a bit like mine...... it's the people, not the food so much :-)

I have foddered :-)


Rob said...

I never used to eat seafood but I have got quite into it since eating quite a lot of fresh stuff when in Bali on honeymoon last year.

I have to agree with you. Posh food is great, but "peasant" food (love that phrase) is also great too.

Teena said...

I'm not a seafood fan ... but it sounds like a fun time!

Mine's up too :)

Fizzy said...

Fresh Bread, even warm bread. Good butter and fabulous cheese AND a good glass of wine... one of my best all time meals. Of course I also love a lot of otherthings including houmous, olives, tomoato and mozarella. Cheesecakes, Cheesecakes, cheesecakes, cheese cakes.... Damm going to be thinking abou this ALL day!

Fi said...

Nice post Jo. Dolmades? Oh yeah!

I read a really interesting book about the Basque region and its people last year. Would love to visit there one day. Do you know their language Euskara has no close linguistic relative in Europe at all? Isn't that fascinating? Ok, only to Linguistics nerds like me :)

And yes, please bring on the tapas. Right now. What a way to eat :)