Thursday, March 22, 2007


Anyone know how to write a really good letter of application for promotion? I've been asked to apply for the Assistant Head's job! Ooooh! Need letter ready for Monday at 9am :o)


Ms Mac said...

Dear Boss,

I'm ace and you know it. Gizza job!

Love, Jo


craziequeen said...

You know I'm the Best.......

Oh, what do I know - I'ma civil servant.....!! :-S

When are you racing for life?


Indigo said...

To Whom It May Concern,

I'd looooooooooove the job of Assistant Head. I mean, I know you have a head already and such, but you know what they say .... two heads are better than one!


Andy said...

Is an Assistant Head different to a Deputy Head?

After writing that, I realise they probably are different, but we always had Deputies at my schools.

Being asked to apply is usually a good sign, theyre already thinking of you.

Good Luck!

Fizzy said...

oooo WOW
I think that if they have asked for you to apply then that is brilliant

I am writing one too this wekeend... NQT though

rashbre said...

Brilliant to be asked to apply. Now tell them that you really really want the job ;-)

Best of luck/break a leg.


Peter A. Stinson said...


You might find a few helpful hints (including my broadcast letter) at my blog... along with links to my other supporting documentation. Feel free to use what you want as a model; I'm sure you'll need your own words.

Best of luck. Break a leg.


/s/ Peter

Peter A. Stinson said...
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Peter A. Stinson said...

Oops... forgot to tell you which blog... Try my A School to Call Home