Sunday, March 11, 2007

Unconscious mutterings #214

I say ... and you think ... ?

Contribution :: Pay
Ryan :: Child in school
Minimal :: Bare
Cleansed :: Skin
Centered :: Text
Arrow :: Follow
Beyond :: "Somewhere beyond the sea!"
Execute :: Marie Antoinette
Intuition :: Feelings
Apology ::


Lisa said...

Contribution: to society
Ryan: Child trying to get out of school, haha
Minimal: least
Cleansed: holy water
Centered: in the middle
Arrow: Cupid
Beyond: and above the call of duty
Execute: a maneouvre
Intuition: gut feelings
Apology: Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

Contribution: donation
Ryan: leather jacket
Minimal: sparse
Cleansed: bathed
Centered: middle
Arrow: shirt
Beyond: out of reach
Execute: kill
Intuition: knowing
Apology: accepted

Fizzy said...

Contribution: to the save Fizzy's Sanity Fund
Ryan: (B)ryan Adams
Minimal: least amount
Cleansed: THe Hair Greying Son
Centered: Cornered (God knows why that sprung to mind)
Arrow: direction
Beyond: the call of duty
Intuition: teaching in a classroom? INside Teaching?
Apology: I am sorry that this is a day late

scribbit said...

Execute: Marie Antoinette? That's funny! You're so historically minded.

Atyllah said...

Contribution: make one to society
Ryan: O'Neil
Minimal: Minimalist
Cleansed: body and soul
Centered: totally together and in touch
Arrow: Up
Beyond: the rainbow
Execute: with style
Intuition: 6th sense
Apology: what for?