Thursday, March 08, 2007

An update with random thoughts

So, only Mopey showed up for work yesterday as Dopey rang in sick. She really sounded ill on the phone ... Jo says I'm a soft touch and she'd probably been practising that voice. They've only been on the teaching practice since Monday and they've now BOTH had a day off sick! A huge reminder of why you should do something else in life before going to uni to be a teacher. Then you get some life skills and you realise how bloody hard life outside the "ivory tower of academia" truly is. Then they'd realise how fantastic working in education is and they'd make the most of being in MY FABULOUS NURSERY! Rant over :o)

Gardening today ... in school that is. Plants and bulbs to put in. Leaves to clear. Gardening gloves in handbag and mucky clothes ready to go. In truly fab news ... they dug our school allotment yesterday. We're going to grow our own vegetables! The children wanted to know where the veggies were stright away ... lol! Instant potatoes just add a digger!

Fizzy has her last day of OFSTED today ... evil and nasty government education inspectors. It's a bit late to say good luck as I know for a fact (text about a run in with the local Irish drunk @ 6.15) that's already gone to work. But please go and congratulate her on surviving! She's got a cbox just waiting for you!

Holiday booked last for Simon's birthday. (Did I mention he's going to be 50!!!!) We're off to
St Jean de Luz during the May end of term holiday! A week of sun ~ lovely! Enough to make me feel good about life let me tell you :o)

p.s. Did I mention 50?


Fizzy said...

ooooo that is me!
Thanks so much. I have survived OFSTED and a drunk all in one day!

Tendrils said...

Your posts crack me up! As a teacher, I totally understand your frustrations with Mopey and Dopey!!!! People don'tknow how hard the education world is until they dive in! (And lately, I too have seen that the "newbies" think everything should be handed to them!) Good luck!

An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life said...

hehe.. mopey and dopey... good names.

how do you cope!


mar said...

yes, you mentioned 50. I insist, he belongs to a great vintage :)

mrsnesbitt said...

Hello hello hello!
Do you want some seeds for the veg patch?
I can send you some!

Andy said...

I know its totally selfish but, send that digger round here NOW!

I'm going to look at an allotment tommorow and I just know I'm gonna need it.