Friday, March 02, 2007

Sausages make me laugh

I almost had an asthma attack this afternoon.
I had to send a child away with a flea in his ear, I had to tell him I was crying because he had upset me soo much.
I had to leave the room, blow my nose, wipe off what was left of my mascara.
I don't know whether I can cope with this job.

B ~ Mrs L, J hurt me.

Me ~ J can you come here please? Why do you think B has come to talk to me?

J ~ I don't know.

Me ~ *Paddington Bear stare*

J ~ I hurt her.

Me ~ How did you hurt her?

J ~ *holds up plastic frankfurter* I poked her with my sausage.

This is when I began to laugh/cry/mimble.


Fizzy said...

Ooooo errrr Misses!

*muttering* no pictures.... typical..... HUH .....*walks off muttering*

Ms Mac said...

Corrrr, I haven't been poked with a sausage in a long time!

mar said...

Love this label!!