Friday, February 06, 2009

101 words

Monday, snow ... school open. Journey home tough ~ Gravesend whiteout. Gillingham clearer. Bully Simon into clearing path, he'll be pleased come morning. Tuesday call during commute, school closed to children – site unsafe, staff in. WTF?!? Ice everywhere. Wednesday children in school stuck inside – miserable. S vomits into beads during session. Asleep at 7:30 on the sofa so awake early – need new job. Thursday semblance of normalcy. Friday thank god – lunchtime stopping an escaping child, theme tune to Escape to Victory inside my head. Lock up – know how to turn off alarm if called out … unfortunately! Outside it’s snowing – NOOOOOOOOOO!

101 words


Anonymous said...

Hmm snow. Enough already, I say, but apparently there's more on the way next week.

* gives mingling badge a wee buff

Le laquet said...

"A wee buff!" Lol - sounds just soooooo Scottish, really made me smile.

andy said...

loving the brick wall :-)

Betty C. said...

I like the photo collage -- just everyday stuff, but put together very nicely. What program do you use for that?

Indigo said...

My husband would like to know just how much snow you've been getting?

and I am mingling....

Le laquet said...

Betty C it was built using fd's Flickr Toys There's a Hockneyizer as well as the collage tool I used.

Indigo - we had next to no snow ~ about 5 inches BUT the UK just can't cope with it. Not at all!

Fizzy said...

101 OK more than 101 words on Yorkshire snow week.

Snow on monday - heavy but got to work at 7am as normal. Never ever driven in snow before. had THREE children, 20 in KS2. School open but due to weather worsening and only 4 children remaining were sent home in the afternoon. (41)
Foundation played out, made snow men, drank hot choclate etc. Rest of school did not go out until Thursday afternoon. (62)

School in fact open ALL WEEK (68)

Thursday, Head rang local readio station to say -was sick of all the bad press schools were getting and should they now start to give publish service annoucnements on which shops and offices had managed to open and whether the local bakery had three or two members of staff missing!

All staff in Dep Head office cheering

Le laquet said...

It galled me Fizz - it was all over the papers about schools being a bad example to children closing at the first sign of bad weather - pshaw! Can you imagine the parent's reactions if anyone got hurt? We too stayed open.

I would have cheered too