Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Live, love, laugh, LIQUOR!


I don't feel that I should need a drink mid week but after speaking to my stupid doctor for 20 minutes and him telling me that waking up too early is because of the stress of work and "I really should give up my job and go and do something less stressful because after all money isn't everything" I could really do with a bloody large B & C.
Stupid arse that he is!?!


Pierce said...

I'll hoist a cold one with you. If only we could travel. Make a dent in the Brit Omnivore list by visiting Cornwall; stop by your area and enjoy a pub lunch with you and Simon; tour Paris and eat and eat and eat new foods!

Chin up. Maybe we could become travel writers. That would, surely, be less stressful, huh?

Le laquet said...

That sounds like a grand idea - the Basque region would be a good stop after Paris ... now who's going to win the lottery so that we can do that?

Pierce said...

Oh well, right...I buy lottery tickets almost religiously in hopes of traveling and eating my way across this continent, England, Ireland and Europe. My luck I'd be like Ned Devine and see my numbers called then die!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that man has ever known the stress of wondering how the heckity those bills are going to get paid.