Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Snow and ice and slush, oh my!"

Yesterday was such a crappy day. Ms Mac is absolutely right when she twits "is snorting at the snow chaos in the UK and wondering how they'd cope with Swiss snow! Pahh!"

How would we cope with Swiss snow?

Answer - we wouldn't!
There were 12 members of staff who called in yesterday ...
MOS - "I couldn't posssibly come in, the snow, I can't drive, it wouldn't be safe."
Me - So will you walk?
MOS - "Oh no, it would take me 20 Minutes from here!"
Me - So we'll see you in 20 mins then!
Now you might think me harsh. Nasty. Unkind even BUT by this time/point I had dug my car out and driven the 15 miles to work. I had slipped across the car park, opened and set-up the nursery, slipped into the breakfast club for a crumpet and then manned the phone.
It was an inch and a half of snow for goodness sake. Not 6 inches like the BBC forecast.
And then don't even get me started on the fact that only 40% of the kids turned up ... I'm sure that today will be a joy.


Pierce said...

God lord, I just realized that I am about to pack up my laptop and go to bed and you are up and ready to to go to work! Guess there is a 5 hour time difference.

Haven't dealt with snow in years...it's a pain in the butt, isn't it? I hope you take your book.

Cheers! Tina

Le laquet said...

I was woken by noise outside - someone going home late and shouting about it!!

Fi said...

I saw all the "heavy" snow falling in London and the Southeast on telly. What with the 45C temps over in Melbourne, and temps of 40C down in Alexandra (the hottest place in NZ by far) the climate is getting all a bit over the top isnt' it...

Wrap up warm my friend :)

Ms Mac said...

I was being a bit snotty, when I said that wasn't I? Heh heh. But it does make me laugh when so little snow causes so much panic. And I get so tired of people carrying on like snow is the best thing in the world. It aint! It's wet and slippery and annoying and cold and horrible. Trust me!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if you'd been in yesterday.

We don't cope well with the wet, white stuff down here :rueful expression:

boliyou said...

Writing from Rhode Island, United States, 1.5" of snow has one of two reactions:

First snow of the season: "Oh my god, it's snowing! What'll we do?"

Every other snow of the season: "Feh. When will the real snow get here?"

It's snowing outside right now, predicted to continue for three days.

Enjoy your snow if you can!

Pierce said...

Any more children turn up yet? I had been blocked from the blogs all day yesterday afternoon and am blissfully happy that I can check in on people now.

Have been watching on CNN how the snow is the heaviest England has seen in what, 18 years? Pretty to watch and bugger to drive in.

Le laquet said...

School was closed to children yesterday - site to dangerous for children. They let teachers in though ... WTF?!?

Betty C. said...

Here in France it's the opposite, at least in our area -- they never seem to close school, even when they cancel the buses. So school just carries on and too bad for the kids who live twenty miles away. I think that's kind of strange. But I agree that an inch and a half is nothing! I drove to work in that yesterday, in fact.

Le laquet said...

Yes I drove to work too - some people eh?!?