Thursday, February 26, 2009

Notes to self

Why oh why do you always leave it until the very last minute to book the MOT?? **Note to self** The car tax is due on Monday - do something now!!

Walkers new Chocolate and Chilli crisps ~ they're trying them out. You love chocolate and chilli. You tried them out! They are FOUL **Note to self** Stick to cheese and onion, they won't make your tongue shudder.
Your hair needs colouring! Your hair needs cutting. It's making you look that age you don't want to talk about that you're going to be in August. **Note to self** Ring "Hannah the hairdresser!"
The handle has just broken on your toothbrush! New toothbrushes were on the shapping list last week. You never leave your toothbrush this long. FFS?!?! **Note to self** Buy a new toothbrush Joanne!


Ms Mac said...

Cheese 'n' Onion is surely God's choice of crisp flavour?

A World in a PAN said...

Why we leave till the very last minute? 'Cause we like the thrills I guess ..

teuchter said...

Pity we didn't live nearer or I'd pop a couple of toothbrushes through your letterbox - and a box of floss.

Your notes to self have reminded me that I also have a car to MOT, service, insure and tax this month. Ouch!

Bev Sykes said...

Chocolate is good.
Chili is good.
Chocolate & Chili sounds awful!

Le laquet said...

You are so right Ms Mac - bring them to me!

It's not thrilling me at the moment AWiaP more like making me bloody nervous!!

Aww, aren't you sweet Teuchter? A genuine tooth fairy ;o)

See Bev I quite like chilli chocolate - Montezuma's do a fab one BUT add potato crisps/chips into the mix and BLEUGH!!