Sunday, February 22, 2009


So, this weekend has mostly been about re-getting to know Photoshop Elements. Playing around with scraps and layers and making new headers, desk tops and just putting pictures together. VERY THERAPUTIC! I need to go and do something else now before my eyes turn square.

fizzy header 500
desktop for fi tech support
snipped and snapped white header 720 x 360
walking home
12" x 12" square in fact!
12" x 12" with knobs and bows on.
Gers 2008 flat
But hey it's keeping me off the drugs and the alcohol!!


Fran said...

hey, I envy you! I want to learn how to scrap but I don't know photoshop yet. Hoping to find time to learn it. :)

Laura said...

Hiya. Congrats! I nominated you for the 'I know your blog is fabulous award'. Come on by and take a look. Have a great weekend!

Pierce said...

That's amazing - that shows talent. Not everyone could make such a beautiful scrapbook.

Those sunflowers are gorgeous!

Lesley said...

You are very clever! (I particularly like the one with the ancestors)

Laane said...

That's very nice.
I like the one with the old photos the most, because I'm very interested in family histories.

But the others are gorgeous too!


Betty C. said...

This looks very fun. I don't know enough about Photoshop AT ALL!