Thursday, April 06, 2006

A, B, C and all the way to Z!

Not stolen, inspired ... it's my blog and I'm sticking to that euphenism ... by the purrfect craziequeen (I was convinced she had short hair!) ... another list, this time in alphabetical order!

From A

A is for Accent :: I'm from Swansea, well a small town about 10 minutes outside with a great Male Voice Choir and a mediocre rugby team ... but then, you can't have everything can you? So back to my accent ... understandably then, I have a South Wales/Swansea accent which I think has softened in the nearly 9 years I have been in the South East ~ friends disagree! My English is peppered with Wenglish, mispronounciations (that's according to Simon of course, I think I'm saying them just right), the whole "here/hear/year" debacle and I speak a tad quickly; then there's the whole "dropped h" thing ~ ask Maria she'll know what I'm talking about. So .... there you go, clear as mud really!

B is for Bollywood and Bhangra :: I teach at a very multi-cultural school in Gravesham; it makes the school a wonderful place to teach ... it gives the place a unique flavour. We celebrate constantly, different days/festivals, dance, laugh; we learn new words, eat new foods, make new friends. Fab!

C is for Cheese :: Love it; give me so strong it burns your mouth Cheddar, sharp blue Stilton or St Agur, a runny "custardy" brie, Basque ewe's milk cheese with black cherry jam, creamy buffalo mozzerella, fresh manchego with membrillo, Stinking Bishop, Blue Vinny *licks lips* ~ did I mention I love cheese

D is for Dog or Cat :: Dog, because cats make me sneeze!

E is for Easter :: Fi, I'm a Lindt bunny kinda girl!

F is for Foibles :: Can't bear the loo roll to hang down the back of the roll instead of the front, can't eat a fried egg unless it's been turned over (don't mind if the yolk is broken) and don't like to use a fountain pen.

G is for Gold or Silver :: Either, but they have to be pure or I get problems. White gold suits my skin tone ~ all my "wedding jewellery" is white gold.

H is for Hometown :: Born in Morriston (that's where the hospital was), lived/brought up (my father would say dragged up) in Pontarddulais ... the BBC has made them a little corner of their own on the web ~ bless!

I is for Ice :: Yes in a long alcoholic mixed drink, not in water/pop (soda)!

J is for Job title :: All change on the first of September, I am going to manage/run/teach in the nursery at school ... 2 teachers, a nursery nurse, 2 teaching assistants and 78 itty-bitty ones each day. Then there's the whole IT manager, MFL coordinator thing and I manage (read "draw the pretty graphs for") all the data/target setting in the school too!

K is for Kids :: Nope, not any here but I see lots everyday!

L is for Living arrangements :: 3 bed, mid terrace, down by the "beach" in quietly leafy Gillingham with Simon. No pets, no kids, no money as the house sucks it all up!

M is for Mr :: Simon, kitchen designer, golf fanatic (and the bloody Masters starts today!), *whispers* 49 in just over a month, 6' 2", a little rounder than he would like in certain areas (I'm not complaing at all), a little jealous at times (get's a verbal "slap" when he gets too much!), giggler, great cook, crap hooverer ... that's him!

N is for Naughty or Nice :: Umm, depends on the who and where ... feeling naughty today ;o)

O is for Over night hospital stays :: Last year's operation and four nights last month ~ enough for my thanks, no more! Yeh, I know I'm not going to be that lucky am I!

P is for Perfume :: I like light citrusy fragrances, anything to heavy and I sneeze ... even if someone else is wearing it!

Q is for Quote :: "Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." Mother Teresa

R is for Reading material :: Yes please, just finished the Last Templar (7/10), Labyrinth (8/10) was fab; just about to start Blue Shoes and Happiness.

S is for Sesame Street :: I love Sesame Street ... learnt so much from it as a child and Burt & Ernie still make me laugh out loud!

T is for Things that make me go ooooh! :: Hugh Jackman, Green & Black's Organic milk chocolate, new shoes, north western Spain, rugby, ummm .... *wiggles eyebrows* lots of things!

U is for Unusual Skill :: I can arch an eyebrow like a professional eyebrow archer, I can wiggle my ears voluntarily (I'm working on the Bewitched nose thing) and I can lick the tip of my nose ... Ok maybe I shouldn't have admitted that!

V is for Vegetable I refuse to eat :: none, never met a vegetable I don't like. I eat them all from aubergines to zucchini* yams.

W is for Worst habit :: Other than picking my nose, scratching my bum and talking with my mouth full ... I nibble the skin around my nails.

X is for Xenophobe or Xenophile :: Xenophile, introduce foreigners to me! Now!

Y is for Yoghurt maker :: Favourite new toy, from Lakeland Plastics ... lurve it! Strawberry, blueberry and Greek yoghurt smoothies!!

Z is for Zen moment :: A warm bath, a good book, a glass of Shiraz and the knowledge that there are clean, crisp, Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed. *sighs and smiles* Bliss!


* I am such a cheater, they're called courgettes in the UK!


Fizzy said...

NOw where do I start?
I was going to do an A-Z comment ... but mmmmmmmm maybe not. I may pinch this though!
Cheese.. what a bout roqufort?
OOOOOoo and didn't know that there was another NO1 Detective book out!

Lisa said...

Psst...we call them zucchini in New Zealand, and seeing as I'm reading this, it's not cheating as far as I'm concerned. lol

Le laquet said...

On page 64 of new book Fizzy, gripped so far!

Thanks Lisa, cheating is so much for fun when you do it with a friend!! :o)

mar said...

Lovely meme! it is Zucchini in German too, lol! I learned English with Sesame Street, would you know it. Love it!