Sunday, April 16, 2006

Saturday? Already?

Actually no Jo, it's Sunday! But how did that happen? Where did the week go? Yesterday was only Tuesday! So, my list of "to-do's" for the week .... busted, so many things left on it!

Have lunch with Anne ~ no and she's gone to Devon now! :o(
Finish spring clean of office ~ no, too ashamed to show you a photo of the mess :o(
Planning for next week ~ umm, no ... but I am on holiday! :o(
ICT budget bid ~ helped Kelly with the numeracy, technology and food technology budgets so I know what has to be done but no, I haven't done ICT yet :o(
Go to beach and complete risk assessment for July visit from school ~ umm partly completed, beach visited, sat in the sun, ate lunch in Spanish restaurant, risk assessment paper work incomplete! :o(
Buy Easter eggs for nephews and (lots of ) honorary nieces ~ no, not done, a little late now I feel! :o(

Not a good week really! *promises to try harder*

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Fizzy said...

I am glad that you are around... we were getting worried.
We being, "The Person Who suggested banning my IP address" and myself!!!

Holidays are just that, to relax and don't worry it will all come together.