Sunday, April 23, 2006

A quick round up of the week's events!

It's Sunday, where did the week go? Actually, how did my life get so boring that I have nothing to blog about? Or is it that I am so knackered that I have no energy to blog? Ah, we might be getting closer to the truth with that statement :o)

I started work on Wednesday with a staff development day (I went in for a couple of hours on
Tuesday to meet with the architect ... we're having a million pound makeover/rebuild at the school and we needed to talk electrical sockets ~ you're so jealous of my life, aren't you?) Staff Development Days were introduced by the last conservative government as INSET or In-service Training days, so that headteachers could bring all their staff together for training purposes. They should be an important tool for headteachers to help staff maintain and develop their professional skills and knowledge for whole school development planning. We used our SDD to tidy our classrooms / throw out rubbish / get rid of old furniture ... 6 skips* full in fact! So you say, how exciting, if you're throwing away old furniture you must be getting new stuff! Umm, yes! But, wait for it, thanks to an almighty cock-up at the furniture factory ... the new furniture hasn't arrived, so all my resources are in cardboard boxes in the corner! Yeh, fab! Perfect in fact ... talk about "there's been a minor cock-up on the furniture front!"

Wednesday night I came home and collapsed into a dusty little heap in the corner of the sofa and let Simon cook dinner. We've just joined an organic vegetable delivery scheme ... a box of seasonal organic fruit and vegetables arrives on my door-step every Tuesday and thats one less group of things to put on my shopping list! Also, by buying organic and composting my peelings I do my little bit for the environment! Hurrah! I've been wanting to join one of these schemes for quite a while now BUT have had one small rather large obstacle to surmount, namely ~ Simon**!

Before we lived together Simon ate no fruit or vegetables and I have spent the last 6 years trying to encourage him towards the dizzy heights of 5 a day ... we've gone through ~

Simon ~ I eat chips, potatoes are a vegetable.
Me ~ Aaaaggghh! *throws large King Edwards at his stupid head*

Simon ~ *smile proudly* I had 5 satsumas yesterday.
Me ~ *shakes head sadly* 5 different fruits or vegetables a day darling!

Simon ~ what about strawberry yoghurt?
Me ~ *thump, bang, crash ... noise of head hitting brick wall*

Anyway, the box arrived on Tuesday, we got potatoes, onions, broccoli, courgettes (zucchini), celery, swede, lettuce, apples, oranges and pears. Obviously I will have to supplement other fruit and veg from the local supermarket but it was an excellent start or so I thought! Wednesday evening as I lay slumped in the corner of the sofa, cradling my brandy and coke and contemplating the celiling I heard a little voice calling from the kitchen.

Simon ~ Jo ... Jo? There's something wrong with the potatoes.
Me ~ what?
Simon ~ they've got mud on them!

Anyone want to buy a husband? Recently acquired, good condition, regularly serviced, 1 careful owner (let's not mention troll bitch ex-wife), paint work in reasonable condition***! Actually no-one needs to pay for him, I'll take a reasonable swap!

On Thursday, normality returned to the classroom ... 27 little dollops of humanity came crashing through the door, lunchboxes and PE bags swinging and bashing everything in sight. Lots of changes, new haircuts and school shoes to be admired, a new sister to discuss, Easter eggs to boast about ~ lovely. We talked and laughed and talked and when I went home on Thursday night, Simon walked through the door and my voice was gone, well when I say gone I mean I could croak ... strangely enough he didn't look upset! Unfortunately I then got a phonecall to go and "emergency babysit" ... but at least I got a nice warm cuddle out of that!

Friday passed with a chorus of goodbyes as one of my lovely colleagues left to start her maternity leave, hours of fun sketching shells and starfish and the lovely headteacher agreeing my day off during term time for Kev's wedding and finally it was Saturday ~ hurrah, not a moment too soon! The good news is ... only 5 weeks until the first of the holidays :o)

* You know what a skip is right? No? Go here.
** Hereafter to be known as Simon "Fruit and veg? Is that like tomato and pineapple on a pizza?" Langthorne.
*** Except for slight oxidisation on the roof!


craziequeen said...

I would offer to swap, but it would be a coals to Newcastle thing..... :-)

Actually, MB is mostly very good, he knows how to peel spuds.....sort of.... :-)


Le laquet said...

Yeh see, we all have our personal crosses to bear!

Fizzy said...

So you had a normal week then?

I am only kidding. I think the veggie scheme is a brill idea.

I have been trying to swap my Hubby for ages now!!! especialy as he is watching the grand prix and everytime I make a noise I am "in trouble" lol
I am making LOTS of noise :)
Have a good sunday,what is left of it

Aims said...

Men! The only veg my hubby eats is potato & mushy peas!! As I'm a vegi it is very odd in our house!!

Le laquet said...

Fizzy ~ I made lots of noise during the grand prix too and said at the start "why are you watching it when the shoemaker will win I saw it yesterday!" He wasn't quite sure whether or not to believe me! And he did win as well!

Aims ~ how did that happen? Vegi and staunch carnivore, must be love then eh?

Fizzy said...

hahahaha you were right though:)

mar said...

I am reaching such a low point even my comments are boring... Your vegetable delivery sounds excellent! somebody once said the only vegetable he/she ate was ketchup...sad. Your holiday sounds (and looks!) like fun!!!