Sunday, April 02, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #165

Are you muttering?  Well who's making all that noise?

I say ... and you think ... ?

Desire :: U2
Sleep :: I need more, because I stayed awake last night watching TV and reading!
Lost :: Lost in translation ~ didn't like it, made me wish he'd stuck to comedy!
2006 :: 2007, 2008, 2009 ....
Pump :: what my friend Ruth's kids say instead of fart .... because fart is rude in their house. When we were little my mother insisted we said fluff, but my Aunty Marg always said bottom burp ~ still makes me roll my eyes!
Space :: Space 1999 ~ kitsch beyond TV series I watched & loved on Saturday mornings as a kid!
Stuck :: Stuck in the middle with you! I love Gerry Rafferty!
Reference :: book
Birth :: birthday, Happy Birthday Ryan ... 15 today or tomorrow? It's a time zone thing!
Hand :: handbag


Fizzy said...

Desire ::I'll let your mind run on that one
Sleep ::under my lovely cuddly friendly duvet
Lost ::my marbles
2006 ::3 months gone already!
Pump ::Change your outdoor shoes into pumps
Space ::between a significant other's ears when it comes to birthdays and secrets!
Stuck ::in the middle
Reference ::I hated doing these at uni
Birth ::Hubby's birthday tomorrow, and Ryans and my son's on Friday. I have ahouse of excited males!!
Hand ::in hand

Ms Mac said...

I loved Lost in Translation! Have you seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou? It's a good one, you might like it better!

Mr. Mac has The Last Templar to read next!

Fizzy said...

I fancy reading that book too!

mar said...

I haven't played in ages and it is so much fun. Doing my rounds and somebody in Australia was playing too, isn't that something?

craziequeen said...

I'm with Ms Mac - I loved The Life Aquatic - very funny :-)

btw - Laquet? You might be interested in my Sunday night post...then again, you might not..



Fizzy said...

What about "cheers to youMrs Robinson" ? this is the only other S & G song that I know.
Is "I am a Rock" one too? ... "I am Drunk"......
Have a good RELAXING day
look after yourself

Magpie said...

Desire :: Wanton
Sleep :: Bliss
Lost :: in translation
2006 :: is going so fast
Pump :: up the jam
Space :: cowboy
Stuck :: on you
Reference :: books
Birth :: day
Hand :: in hand

Rainypete said...

Desire :: Streetcar
Sleep :: Apnea
Lost :: In Space
2006 :: Calendar
Pump :: Jockey
Space :: The final frontier
Stuck :: In the Middle
Reference :: Point
Birth :: Of a new era
Hand :: Off

Anonymous said...

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