Sunday, April 09, 2006

Unconscious mutterings #166

me, mutter?  unconsciously?

I say ... and you think ... ?

Buck :: Rogers
Harry :: Belafonte
Play :: ball
Monstrosity :: the gherkin

Nightclub :: dance
Missing :: number
Sprout :: mustard & cress
Flavor :: Don't you mean flavour?
Identity :: crisis
Saucy ::


Deb said...

The gherkin?!? It does look like a big pickle in the sky lol!

Bennu said...

In america it is flavor, without the u...

Saucy: Bitch

all your answers were good... at least with Harry I thought Potter, which is better than Tom, Dick or Harry, or is it... ?

Fizzy said...

Buck :: A-Roo
Harry ::Connick Jr
Play ::a-way
Monstrosity ::Changing rooms... remember some of the decor?
Nightclub ::bouncer
Missing ::out
Sprout ::Brussels and farts
Flavor ::FlaVice cream flavours
Identity ::crisis
Saucy :: minx

Fi said...

Buck Rogers! What was the name of that funny little robot sidekick of his? Twinkie? Twiggie? Twiglet?

Harry = Harry Connick Jnr, mmm-mmmm!

Fizzy said...
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Fizzy said...

flavice icecream? what am i on about there?
i don't know.
Lovely and springy up here... seen on the news that you have had a bucket full of snow, is that where you are?

Ms Mac said...

Wasn't it Tweaky? I fancied Buck Rogers stupid!

Where is that terrible building?

Rainypete said...

Buck :: Naked
Harry :: Leggs
Play :: Wright
Monstrosity :: WalMart
Nightclub :: Meet Market
Missing :: Brain
Sprout :: Green Giant
Flavor :: Of the day
Identity :: Unclear
Saucy :: Tart