Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More of those Questions of the Day!

Haloscan, schmaloscan! *pouf ... feeling very French this morning* Go on over, visit Indigo, answer some of her questions and take her quiz! Go on, do it now!

What is your favorite breakfast cereal from childhood? What is your favorite now? Currently loving golden syrup Oats So Simple ... delicious! (Yeh I know it's cheaper to buy porridge but this is so easy to make in school and I just can't breakfast before 8.30ish!) But as a kid ... Golden Nuggets, Corn Pops and Frosties ~ feel the sugar rush!

When was the last time ...
When was the last time you slow danced with someone?
Last night across the kitchen to a Russell Watson song, I love to dance! I know it wasn't out in some flash club but it's enough for me!

Do you ...
Do you have anything taped to your computer monitor? What is it? Why is it there?
Nothing, at home, I currently have a virgin monitor. In school I have loads of stuff ~ pictures drawn by children, notes for the day, a plastic daffodil (present on St David's Day) and my panic card that I send to a neighbouring class if things all get a bit too much for me!

Proposals ...
Erica recently was proposed to ..... What was your proposal like? He proposed? When? I don't remember that ... I think I remember a mumble that kind of went "mumble, mumble, we should, mumble, get married, mumble, mumble."

Easter basket ...
What do you hope is in your Easter basket?
Hugh Jackman, oh you mean chocolate and the such like ~ then I'd like a Lindt rabbit and the Kaiser Chiefs CD.

Take him or leave him ...
Donald Trump .... take him or leave him?
Leave him and his comb over hair ... what is he thinking?

Flavor of toothpaste ...
If you could create and market a toothpaste in any flavor besides mint, what new flavor would you choose?
Lemon, citrusy, sharp and clean tasting.

Sandwich cutting ...
Do you cut your sandwiches? Do you always cut them a certain way?
I always cut sandwiches into triangles (I think because I used to work at a hotel where they did afternoon tea, cucumber sandwiches, scones and the such like) ... unless I've used a flute / baguette, for obvious reasons!

Song ...
What song drives you absolutely crazy?
Other than the
Birdy Song? There's the whole Bryan Adams / Robin Hood Prince of Thieves thing, makes me want to scream!

Limo ride ...
If you and a partner, or friend, had a free limosine at your disposal for one night, where would most want to go?
Paris, straight down the Champs d'Elysee to the Arc de Triomphe and then back up to the Place de la Concorde and on to the Louvre! The lights, Paris, champagne ~ aaah!


Fizzy said...

oooooooo I am first *jumping up and down* I am first, I am first

Fizzy said...

we are having the oats so simple crush here at home. (S) loves it - good for swimming energy too. I was talking about golden nuggets the other day WOW

Can't remember the last time I slow danced *sob*

I have my wireless aerial blu -tacked to my laptop monitor

WE sort of discussed it .... *shakes head at self*

I hoped for lots and lots of chocolate but family wont buy me chocolate as they think I have had enough already. SO MIL got us a new wok/frying pan and half a dozen real eggs!!

Donald Trump.. who is he?? a duck with a stomach problem?

toothpaste = I like the minty taste

sandwiches left to right

Bridy song, agadoo, crazy frog and that hymn... "I danced in the morning when the world was begun" etc.... it is a school thing

Limo.... mmmmmmmm *thinking XXXX thoughts here* One of the best european cities.... I don't know, Venice, Brussels, London, Barcelona,

Hope you are feeling OK

Magpie said...

i'm hoping they play the birdy song at the wedding in a few weeks, that and aga do (probably not spelling that right)...


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I love your Easter basket request!

Yummmmmmy! ;)

Ms Mac said...

Ooooh God, that Bryan Adams thing is torture!

Also Donald Trump cannot actually be human, surely?

Aims said...

Cool limo ride! I liked your stomping on the last post too!

Indigo said...

Again????? What's up with that?

I have a Q for you .... why do you have crooked lines on your streets? You know, the zig zag ones? My husband is most curious.

craziequeen said...

My fave cereal as a child - Rice Krispies....

my fave as an adult - Rice Krispies....

Do you see a pattern?? :-)

mar said...

HI! I am back and catching up! lemon-flavored toothpaste, never thought of it but it sounds good! quick, sell your idea to Colgate!

Lisa said...

Breakfast cereal from childhood: Um cornflakes I think (yeah boring I know lol)

Last time I slow danced was last night at a wedding. The Bride's brother, who was pretty much hammered, so maybe we weren't slow dancing and he was just leaning on me for support? lol

I've a naked monitor too!

Proposal: "When we move in together and have a house warming party, how would you feel about making it a double an engagement party at the same time?" (That was after 4 weeks of dating)

Cameron gave me a Terri's chocolate orange easter egg. I love those!!

Leave him and his comb over hair ... don't think he was thinking lol

Toothpaste - I'm with you, I love citris flavours, not sure about scrubbing my teeth with it though.

Sandwiches are always cut diagonally in this house.

No song comes to mind immediately besides the Birdie song, but there's bound to be a few I can't stand hearing lol

As far as the limo's concerned, unless it's not a boat in disguise, I could only go up and down the north island of New Zealand lol

I keep coming in here to check if you've posted to see if my blogrolling thing is working properly, but no, no new post, so no star. Then I realised I'd seen this post so many times and STILL hadn't commented on it! lol