Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Holiday snaps!

Just a little look ... have I ever mentioned that I love rocks?


Beach at St Jean-de-Luz
Through hidden doorways
Off to a wedding in Brighton for the day, busy week of poker and visits to Wales ahead! :o)


Lisa said...

You make me dizzy with all the running around you do. Love the pictures, they're gorgeous. (We have some amazing looking rocks down here too!)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!!!

Have fun! :)

Fizzy said...

Your pictures rock!!

(btw that was a joke)
Hope to catch up with you soon

Bennu said...

I like what Fizzy said... they are great pictures. Must be nice doing all that traveling around, hope you are having fun...

Walker said...

Great pictures
I love the beach.
You're always on the go.
Having fun I hope :)

mar said...

Busy, busy. Love your pics!!

tammi said...

I love everything about my Firefox browser,but it won't let me see the pix that are posted.Not even Flickr Pix.
But I'll open up the new IE(7) and see the pics w/ no prob.There are just too many probs w/ IE,so I only use it for stuff like this.
What's so funny,is....before I opened up IE to see your "really pretty pictures"...all I could see on Firefox was "I LOVE ROCKS"...a funny....but not so funny crossed my mind when u said "I love rocks"....I thought.Oh no....crack kills!!
But knowing you from nosing in your blog,I knew IE would show me pretty pix instead of a bag of crack cocaine.ha ha
OK,OK...not funny,I know.My bad.
Have a good un'

tammi said...

Forgot to mention! I keep trying to get on your guestmap,but it keeps putting me in the wrong state!
I have one too,so I know how it works,but for some reason,that sucker keeps posting my pin nowhere near Texas! Uugh!
Yup,those ARE gorgeous pictures,btw.

Fizzy said...

Where have you gone now!!!!

Boy you are a jetset lady at the moment.

craziequeen said...

Hey, Miss Laquet!

Blimey - I finally get home and *pouf!* you've gone again.....

hi sweetie [waves madly wherever you are]