Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Word verification

**UPDATE** A big thanks to the chaps and chapesses over at Blogger HQ who have deemed me to officially "not be a spam monster!" Hurrah! I swore I was innocent guv!

word verification nightmare

Sooooooooo, it seems that the reason I have word verification on all of my posts ... not comments, posts is because ... and I quote!

"Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. "

What characterisitics would those be I wonder?
50,000 extra strength Viagra tablets for $5.00
I know, I've only got myself to blame :o)


Fizzy said...

LOL you spammer you.
So it you that send "those" comments to my blog and to my e-mail lol

mar said...

He, he, I have only read about one other case (of course can't remember who it was). Sure, you have all the characteristics!

Lisa said...

Heavens only knows where they could've got that idea from. How odd. And here's me thinking you were an ok kinda girl too, amazing what you learn :-P

Le laquet said...

Fizzy, Mar, Lisa - as friends I can do you a special price!

Lisa said...


Sorry for yelling, but you've obviosly done something that made that happen now. YAY!!

PS: No need for special prices for me, I work in the medical industry...we have pills lying around all over the place (j/k lol)

Lisa said...

Aww, and I was so enjoying the implication of you being such a naughty spam girl! lol

Glad that's all worked out now :)

doris said...

Eh?! Sorry to be so late to see this. Wow, what a reputation you spammy person you! :-D (Not sure I'd think it was that funny if it happened to me. Sorry, really.)