Monday, June 12, 2006

A weekend away!

Finally back from a fab weekend in Wales, got a cwtch* or two in, had ice-cream at Joe's, lovely, lovely, lovely! Accent now rejuvenated enough to confuse the hell out of the colleagues for the rest of the week :o)

* The joys of nephews, except that 2 of them are now taller than me and take longer, much longer in the bathroom than I do too!


mar said...

Glad you had a great weekend. And I got my "word of the day"!

Magpie said...

glad you had a good weekend, although being stuck in the car on the way back doesn't sound like much fun...


Lisa said...

Never heard it referred to as a "cwtch" before, but then why would I? I'm not Welsh..oh, that's not true, actually I am part Welsh. Mind you, I'd never figure out how to pronounce it lol

Glad you had a lovely weekend...and don't be upset about your nephews being taller than you...I'm about to have two boys taller than me...and I have to live with that on a daily basis lol

Welcome home!
(hope you've been receiving my replies to your texts, I never know for sure whether you get them and I'd hate for you to thinking I'm ignoring you. Not that I think you're ignoring me if you don't respond, but I wish we had a 'delivery' service like you folks in the UK do lol)

Bennu said...

Great that you had a wonderful time and thrilled you are back. I wrote a meme about you, do drop by Bennu #2 and let me know if I said anything you would rather I didn't. (don't think there is, but you never know)

Ms Mac said...

Sounds like a fab time! Good to hear the accent has been rejuvenated, mine always does that after a visit to Scotland (or even just a phone call)!!!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I've got two great-nephews just like that!

Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Fizzy said...

Children should not be allowed to grow taller than thier elders!!!

Now that I have got that out of my system, welcome back.
Missed you being a round blogland
I am glad you enjoyed yourself.
I didn't get any texts *sob* *sob* ;)
I have never heard of a cwtch before... have you left any vowels out?

Steve said...

Cwtch? Just had to google cos I had never heard of it either and the answer I got was:
Cwtch; pronounced cutsh. Snug, cosy, nice and warm. To snuggle, to hug.
What a wonderful word, I think I might just use that one myself

Anonymous said...

I got a text *sticks tongue out at Lisa* :)

Just managed to creep onto HGS's PC since he is in bed!!! Thanks for the words of encouragement.... it is not easy... infact it is humiliating but I will survive.
We had a spot or two of rain tonight but not a lot ... it is still qwuite muggy.
Work cancelled for tomorrow so I am sure it will pee it down

xx Fizz xx

Walker said...

You sure you're not a gypsy.
Good to hear you had a great weekend.