Saturday, June 17, 2006

A letter to the oik(s) who broke into my lovely little car on Thursday Night!

my lovely little car as she was before!

Dear Arsehole & any accomplices*

Firstly I would like to say thankyou, for restoring a healthy lack of trust in human nature, that thanks to the generally fabulous attitudes of the group of people whom I call friends and neighbours has been missing of late. I am now back to the vicious, untrusting, "glass is half empty" lets hide ourselves away from the rest of the world cow I was before!

Can you see where you split the door you arsehole?

My car has been collected by the garage chosen by my insurance company, so I am carless. It appears that I cannot have a hire/courtesy car until the insurance company have agreed the garage's estimate ... which will be on Monday afternoon at the earliest! I will have to go and collect said courtesy car during business hours, unfortunately as I am working** this is not possible. I have made other arrangements to get to and from work but had to cancel a "maths in the outdoor environment" course I was due to go on yesterday!

the door is closed at the bottom

You caused quite a considerable amount of damage when you crow-barred the driver's door open 8" to steal my CD player, it's undrivable and probably soaking wet inside now as we had a heavy shower yesterday afternoon. In fact during my conversation yesterday the lady in the garage informed me if they choose to repair the car ... if?? If?? I will need to have my £150 ready when I collect it ... yes I have to pay a £150 excess because of your dishonest thieveing arse! So either £150 poorer or carless. And then there's the matter of my CD player that you stole ... there's an extra excess on that shithead!


Then to top it all, on Friday evening after the scenes of crime copper came and dusted poor Lily for finger prints before her trip to the garage, Simon and I had to go and have our finger prints taken too, standing in the pissy police station for an hour, when I could have been relaxing at home ~ abso-bloody-lutely fantastic! As if we had nothing better to do on a Friday evening after a hard week in work! Something that you obviously know absolutely nothing about!

So once again you little gits ~ cheers! I hope you rot in a hell or in some prison/young offenders institution, sharing your cell with a 6' 5" bald, tatooed, weight lifting, ex Hells Angel called Marian who loves to "initiate" young men like you!

Lots of love

Jo xx

* I'm not actually sure if this is the correct plural for accomplice and it doesn't sound quite right but what the hell I'm not sure if the ignorant little bastard(s) can read anyway!
** Maybe you too should consider a job instead of stealing from hard working members of the public you little shit(s)!


Just Me said...

Hi Jo..
I've been reading your blog since I saw the review on ITTM and I've been really enjoying it! I don't often comment when I read blogs but I feel so crap for you about your sweet little red car! What a bunch of fuckwits - they really think it's just an insurance claim don't they? Never mind how you get to work, insurance excess etc - it's just horrid and I really feel for you - no one deserves this!!
Ooooh I did go on a bit didn't I??
Huggsss and I'll keep reading :))

Lisa said...

oh dear, I'm so sorry to read this. Hope it all gets sorted out really soon so you don't have to worry about the hassle of getting around again.

Damn I hate it when others do this with no thought at all for what the owners have to go through, financially and otherwise. The frustration and anger you feel is evident and no wonder, I'd feel like sending out a hitman myself.

How dare they ruin that lovely smile of yours. Bastards!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your car. And even worse about how it affected you. I know THAT feeling. But you'll come through. You have such a lovely sense of humour and you're such a personality. Hang in there!!!

Le laquet said...

Hiya Al! Thanks for that, every now and then a girl needs a little rant!

Lisa ~ you are so right! Bastards ... we had to be finger printed as the scenes of crime coppers have a good idea who he is/they are and this is the 11th car in less than a week! I hope they enjoy sharing with Marian :o)

Anonymous ~ thankyou, bless you BUT who are you? I'm over the rant now ... about to ring the insurance company and complain about my lack of courtesy car!

mar said...

I am so sorry to read this, since friends of those &%$ broke my side window to find nothing to take away 2 weeks ago. I was carless for almost three days and furious about a week. It's coming back after reading your post... (hugs)

Indigo said...

BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! Excellent letter Jo!!!

I'm so sorry that some shitheads broke into you car -- Lily? Is that her name? I'll never understand it, honestly. Why must people steal? :-(

Ms Mac said...

Little bastards! If Earl is right, karma will get them!

Bennu said...

Jo, so sorry to hear about your car. I had that happen to me, but they not only broke in and caused damage... they stole my purse, cell phone, stereo, and a laptop computer the school had supplied for me, and I had to pay for... or I should pay for, they haven't asked for the money...yet... that was nearly 2 years and I am still angry, I hope Marion takes care of the bastards for you...