Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen!

1. Today is football day in school!
2. We have been asked to go to school dressed in the English football colours ... eventhough some of us are Welsh, Australian and from the good old US of A!
3. I will be wearing this!

4. I consider this a huge effort and I am doing it purely for the children!
5. My husband has "laughed like a drain"* at the thought of me appearing to support England!

The delicious Mr Henry

6. The only thing I like about football is the lovely Mr Va-va-voom!


7. We are having a football skills workshop this morning, a tournament this afternoon, will be doing football maths and making England football biscuits.
8. The children will be as high as kites.
9. On a complete and utter football/sugar high.
10. First thing this morning I have a lesson observation by the headteacher!!!!!
11. I have asked her to consider cancelling it because of "Footie Thursday" and points 7 and 8 above.
12. She has informed me that it will uncover weak points in my classroom management.
13. I used to like her you know :o(

* As in long and loud and obnoxiously!


Lisa said...

How cool, football day in school (ooo, I just rhymed lol)

I love what you're wearing (I can say that now, cos I know you're already at school lol). Bet you look gorgeous in those english footy colours too!

Happy footy day!

Bennu said...

Don't you love it when they come in to watch on one of the wildest days of the year... You will have done a great job and been a good sport in your red and white "very cute" outfit.

Hope you had a great day

tammi said...

What a "snappy" outfit.Football as in football like in the U.S.? Or do you mean football as in soccer? I get those confused.I Texas,football is the brown ball.LOL...and soccer,as you know is the white one you kick around.Just curious which one you are referring to.
Goes to show how much I know about

Fizzy said...

We have had two of those days already ... can't get a bloody thing done!
Totally fed up of football.
Have made one concession.... I did hunt through Matty's footy stickers swapsy pile and my lovely laptop has been proudly displaying two pictures of Mt Va va Voom for a couple of weeks now!

SNAP ! :)

Hope Friday is a better day.
(wouldn't the welsh colours have been red?)

K Jones said...

As an American whose team is already out and whose adopted team, Paraguay, gave up an own goal to the gents of England, I am fed up with footy as well. I do like Mons. Henry however but I am a Ghana fan now as I like Michael Essien who will now be at Chelsea. I do know about football. Go figure.

craziequeen said...

oh, baby! How did Football Day go???

And I'm SO with you on Mr Va-Va-Voom.....utterly gorgeous...


Fizzy said...

Va va voooom!!! it is Friday :)

Le laquet said...

Thanks Lisa ~ still enjoying my twit-twoo!

Bennu ~ it was lovely, but I think it's time for a calm down now .... please?

Tammi ~ it's soccer, only a little American football is played in the uK. Lots of Rugby (hubba hubba) though!

Fizzy ~ yes, red and white so I reminded myself throughout the day!

Mr Jones ~ yes, I think! I drew Portugal in the sweep in work so if I am to win any money at all, they need to beat HOlland!

CQ ~ It was a grand day, the USA (year 4) won the world cup much to Spain's (year 5) discomfort!